Hello world!

I don’t know how this happened but due a friend’s blog going private I now have a blog. I’ve thought about having one for ages but have always thought my life is way too uninteresting for anybody else to want to hear about it. BUT, I’m going to use it as a diary that hopefully I can look back on in the year’s to come, so here goes.

I’m a bit useless when it comes to technical stuff so it’ll probably take forever before it looks like much but I’ll hopefully be a fast learner.

So, where can I start.

The ZAMOM name is not actually because of where I live but more because my daughters’ are Zoe and Ava.

Not really sure if I need to tell you my whole life story now, I think that’s supposed to be in another section, so I’ll leave that all for now.

As of tonight, I have an awesome husband, I know everyone says that, but mine really is pretty special and he’s even a plastic surgeon, so comes with all sorts of added perks. Again, I’ll go into our whole history another time.

I have 2 gorgeous daughters, again, everyone thinks their kids are great. Zoe is just over 3 and Ava is 10 months old. They are generally two very easy, happy little girls and I am so blessed to be their mom. There are days and times I need to remind myself of that fact, particularly the 3 year old at the moment. The terrible two’s didn’t really happen but our little miss bossy boots/mommy’s girl/prone to burst into tears is testing the boundaries a bit now that she’s turned 3.

Think that’s probably enough for now as I’m scared I’ll somehow delete all that I’ve written 10 times before I get the hang of things.

Oh, I nearly forgot, Ava said “mama” for the first time today. I do admit it was “mamamamama” and not directed at me but, Zoe said “dada”,”nana”, “Ida”(my mom’s domestic who she barely knew as we were living in Cape Town and my folks in PE at the time)!!,”Roro” for our dog Rolo and a host of other stuff before mama, so I’m pretty chuffed.

Today is also Lara’s birthday. She turned 2 today and is my brother’s little girl. They live in Cape Town so we missed being at her party and the fact that her and my girls won’t grow up seeing each other all the time is one of the things that does make me very sad we no longer live in Cape Town.

Night, night.


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