Stunning day

Hopefully at some point I’ll learn how to upload photos and even post photos from my phone (that I always forget to take). Let’s just hope I can stick to blogging.

Today is the most perfect day in PE. Not a breath of wind, pleasantly warm and the sea is just the most gorgeous shimmering blue. You’ll have to take my word for it I’m afraid.

Bumped into a girl whos was at school with me today while doing the grocery shop at Woolies. She has 2 kids, a boy and a girl and is now pregnant with #3(another little girl)!!! There will be a 5 year gap between the younger two. Wow, quite a big life change but it’s got me thinking.

We still have 3 frozen embies at the clinic and our initial thoughts were to donate them. I don’t do newborns very well and tend to wish their lives away a bit for the first couple of months. Having a small baby for me is definitely very restrictive as I like them to be in a routine, so tend not to venture out too much. I do now have a fantastic full time nanny/domestic who is brilliant with the girls but when one is breastfeeding there is not too much a nanny can do. Holidays with young babies are also not much fun and mine are just getting to the age where both can happily stay with my folks and we can get away,etc and soon we’ll be able to start going on some really great family holidays that they can both enjoy. Both have slept through from 5 months and Ava’s just stopped eating pureed food, so generally life is back to “normal”. Just writing this has given me enough reason to never even think of another FET but we’ll just wait and see. More on this later I expect.

My challenge at the moment is this…

I have always been “thin”, not stick/model thin but I’m 1,68m tall and have always weighed between 55 and 57kg. After Zoe was born, I went back to my normal weight without any effort at all. I have never had to watch what I eat and the amount of exercise I do doesn’t really seem to affect my weight too much.

Now, pregnancy #2 (and possibly advancing age -34 now) has been another story. I seemed to get back to 57kg but then for some bizarre and infuriating reason I am now hovering between 59 and 60kg, which is killing me. I was walking most days since Ava was born but in January (when I stopped breastfeeding) I started running religiously 3-4 mornings a week a 6am. Now okay, just for about 30/35 minutes but still, better than nothing and no change on the scale. I even did Adventure Boot Camp for women (the one in PE was just a 1 week trial camp but I was there every morning). Still nothing.

So, plan B is to run 3 to 4 times a week (getting tougher now that the mornings are colder and darker) with one long run on the weekend. I need to alternate with Chris as one of us must be at home with the kiddies while the other runs in the morning. I am also starting to watch what I eat – very difficult for me, no more biscuits, sweets, magnums, chocolates,etc. I’ve cut down my tea to 1/2 cups a day and will try to drink more herbal teas. Eventhough we have the most amazing fridge with a water/ice/crushed ice dispenser and I’m at home a lot, I STRUGGLE to drink even close to enough water. So I’ve given myself 8 weeks to lose 3 kg’s and will keep you posted.

If all this fails then Chris will just have to give me some liposuction. I will have to have it under local (he says he’s not going to pay for an anaesthetist and will do it in his rooms)and I’m a complete baby when he does anything to me – it just seems to hurt 100 times more than if anybody else is doing it (injections, blood tests, gestone shots, Botox, whatever). I have given birth twice but that was with a lovely epidural making it all a dreamy experience.

Anyone with tips on uploading photos etc., they’d be very welcome.


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