Yay, it’s Friday

Our brilliant pram

Well, it’s been a short week but felt long as Chris went back to work on Tuesday after 2 weeks off. With surgeons their work tends to pile up while they’re away, so this week and next week are rather busy one’s for him while he catches up. He often finishes early on a Friday but has 8 cases on his theatre list today, so it’ll be a long one. I really shouldn’t complain as he’ll still be home just before 5 and that’s pretty unheard of when you’re a specialist.

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I decided to take the girls and dogs down to the beach in the afternoon. It really is such a bonus living such a short walk to the beach.  So, both girls in the pram (we’ve got a seat that fits onto our pram-when Ava was tiny Zoe sat in the seat but it’s easier to push if Ava’s in the seat, so that’s what happens now). You can see the pram above (Think I’ve figured it out, just not sure how to get the photos in the right space but I’ll get there). Cozzies, towels,etc. packed below and dogs on the lead till we’re at the beach then they run around. Olive (the golden retriever), loves to dive out stones from under the water. When I say dive out stones, I really do mean that. She swims right under the water to find them and brings them out onto the beach – it always results in lots of fascination by the other people at the beach and all the kids start to throw stones in for her so that they can watch her dive them out. Can’t imagine it’s good for her ears but she just has such a ball that we don’t stop her. Officially dogs aren’t allowed on the beach but no one seems to mind and ours are very well-behaved. Ava is a real water baby/ beach bum in the making. She crawls straight for the sea and loves playing in the water(as well as digging in the sand). Zoe hated the sand as a baby and was terrified of the waves but she now loves playing on the sand and is even happy to swim in the waves a bit. Her real love is horse-riding! She goes for lessons every Friday and has really made good progress. While we were in Cape Town she rode on a camel at Imhoff farm and wasn’t the least bit afraid when it stood up and a camel is much taller than I thought so it’s quite a thing when it goes from kneeling to standing.

Getting back to the beach, a tip that someone told me that works brilliantly to get rid of all the sand on the kids/babies’ bum,etc is to use baby powder. It really works like a charm and means they can get absolutely covered in sand, everywhere and I just dry them with a towel a bit, douse them in baby powder and then am able to put their clothes/nappy/panties on without any sand on their bodies.

Tomorrow we’re off to the shops to order a new couch for our study/play room. It always looks like a play room, with toys everywhere, and the study desk is a nightmare as Chris has been wanting to build the desk,draws, filing cabinets, book shelves and cupboards to pack the toys in himself. When he was still specialising, he had the time to do it, but now he is so busy he can’t anymore and it just kills him. He has spent the past 6 months since we moved in, trying to build stuff for the garage and he is finally admitted that he thinks we need to get someone to do the study/play room for us.

YAY, YAY, YAY. I immediatly got hold of someone’s name and he should be coming today. I’ll try and figure out the photo thing properly this weekend (and with my phone) and then I’ll be able to show you some before and after photos.

Zoe is very excited as she’s staying over and Nana and Grandpa’s tonight. She has told me that she prefers their house to ours which I suppose I should see as a good thing as at least she won’t mind in the least if she gets to spend a few days with them. Hopefully Ava will soon feel the same way. Maybe we’ll let them both sleep there next weekend!


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