Oh Boy

Well, Friday evening was all set to be very calm and relaxed. We were just waiting for my mom to come and fetch Zoe as she was due to spend the night at their house. She was very excited and had her suitcase all packed and waiting at the front door.

I was busy playing with the girls on our bed and I guess you know where this is going. She was crawling towards the edge then turning round and giggling as I caught and tickled her. Then the inevitable, just as I was reaching to grab her she fell backwards off the bed and landed on the back of her head on the wooden floor. Much crying ensued. My mom arrived and she didn’t smile at her (had stopped crying) and was very dopey, pale and quiet in my arms. Definitely not her usual self. I phoned Chris, who was already on his way home. When he arrived, she again didn’t smile at him and was very quiet and sleepy. We decided to go and have her checked out. While driving the 10 minutes to the hospital she starting falling asleep as I tried in vain to keep her awake.

We got to casualty and the sister checked her out and then the doctor on call. By this time she was smiling but still very subdued. We decided to do a CT scan anyway. She was an absolute star having the scan done and didn’t need to be sedated. From what Chris saw on the screen as they were doing the scan, all looked okay but we just waited for the radiologist to check it as well. By this time she was back to her usual chatty, bubbly self and looking tons better. Scan was clear and we (and paed) thought it was okay to go home rather than spend the night in hospital. What a relief. I felt so guilty and was only hearing this week from a friend about a friend of theirs in the UK whose 9 month old fell off a changing table and died a few days later. She slept well and seems 100% this morning so I am extremely grateful and there will be no more games like that on our bed.

The only ironic thing is that Chris said in their 4 years of specialising a paed never sees a head injury although that’s the first person the ER doctor calls when a child comes in. He said he has probably seen more serious head injuries (during training) than the paed. The same goes for burn wounds.

Let’s hope the rest of the weekend is a bit less eventful.


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