Happy Weekend

Well, after our Friday night drama, we had a great weekend. The weather was absolutely stunning after a howling gale on Friday. The waves were particularly big (think it’s called swell) so there were loads of people out surfing,paddling, etc.

We picked Zoe up from my folks at about 11 and went off to order the new couch for the study. Chris didn’t want dark brown (oxblood) like our lounge couches so we opted for a camel colour, although it’s darker than I would have thought camel is. We also opted for a full-grain leather as it’s much warmer and softer than whatever the other leathers are. Should be here at the beginning of May, yay. The cupboard/cabinet guy came on Friday to get all the info for the desks and bookcases so hopefully he’ll get back to us with a quote soon and the study/playroom will start to look like something. I have taken some before photos with my camera, so will just have to figure out how to down load them onto our computer and get them onto my blog.

We will be seeing an architect next week regarding our plans for the house so it’s all getting rather exciting.

Chris also has a meeting this week regarding his job with the government. He needs them to offer him a promotion post if he is remain in the government’s employment. If not, he will then go fully private. I would prefer him to stay in government and then just part-time private as his hours are much better and he enjoys the work a lot but we’ll wait and see. Both government and private come with their own set of frustrations and perks, so it’s hard to know exactly what to do. While it’s nice to have lots of money, it’s not nice to never see him, especially for the children’s sake, and to be honest we do have more than enough money as it is now, but I guess things are set to get more expensive and there’s lots we want to do. Decisions are never easy and he needs to do what will make him happiest.

Getting back to the weekend, in the afternoon we walked down to the beach – Zoe rode her bike – had a bit of a walk and then the dogs and girls had a good play on the beach. Sorry, no camera as usual. Zoe was in her bikini and Ava, her nappy, as I didn’t expect them to swim but you know what it’s like when children get on the beach. There were surfers everywhere and we had a wonderful time. Yesterday the weather was even better and after church and a braai with my folks; my mom, Zoe, myself and the 3 dogs (Kohl my parents’ labrador as well as our 2) again went down to the beach for a walk/swim while my dad helped Chris move all his cupboards into the garage and Ava slept.

Today Chris is doing a free flap, which is a very nerve-wrecking procedure. A patient has a large tumour (think it’s on their face) that Chris removed but he must now cover/fill the big hole that it’s left, so that involves taking a piece of muscle from elsewhere in the body (with arteries and veins) and then reattaching the arteries and veins with a microscope and fitting the piece nicely into the hole. Everyone always thinks a plastic surgeon just does cosmetic procedures but they are also very involved with cancer patients as well. The operation takes many, many hours as you can imagine and he’s only starting at 3pm, after his other theatre list has finished, so he’s going to be home very late and be very tired. Just hope it all goes well as there is always the chance that the blood vessels don’t work properly and the flap then dies and then it’s big drama. They even use leaches to relieve the engorgement sometimes as veins tend to be more fragile than arteries so often blood goes into the flap but isn’t taken away again. Okay, better stop before I start getting too technical.


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