Growing up

Ava busy doing her favourite thing, climbing stairs!!

Ava (on the right) with 2 friends born the week after her

Ava's other favourite thing, climbing up the jungle gym, with a little help from my friend.

Zoe is having her first ever play date without me this morning. might not seem like a big deal but it is a huge accomplishment for her, just hope it’s going well. Good friends of ours had a second baby at the beginning of February and both Zoe and their little girl are at play school Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have been having their little girl to play on her own most Tuesday mornings to give the mom a break. My mom did it for me when Ava was born and I remember what a bonus it was.

So, the baby is now 2 months and we are now going to alternate having the 2 girls to play. We see a lot of these friends and Zoe plays very nicely with the little girl and adores the mom and dad, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.The only other thing is that the mom is a teacher and always has such fun ideas so I’ll have to think of some interesting things for us to do on the days I have them.

We are both planning on running the Knysna half marathon so our plan is also to try and go for a run together while the girls are playing. She is still breastfeeding and Ava and their baby’s sleep patterns are a bit different but hopefully we’ll get there eventually.

In other news, Chris’s op yesterday went very well. The flap is alive and the patient is doing well. He got home at about 9.30pm last night so not too late but he’d started operating at 8am (on other cases), so it was a fairly long day.

As luck would have it, everything had gone very well with giving both girls supper, bath, etc. Zoe was happily drawing pictures while I put Ava to bed, then just as I was about to give Ava her bottle she threw up all over me and herself. Lovely… so new vest, babygro and sleeping bag and then she joined in while I read Zoe her story and then had her bottle and both girls were soon fast asleep without further incident thank goodness.

Totally beside the point but I don’t know about you (if there’s anyone out there) but I just don’t enjoy Grey’s Anatomy anymore. I am however loving The Mentalist.


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