The ball is rolling

Well, quite a day of highs and lows which I won’t really go into at all, just to say that once again I really must learn to count my blessings, my cup is really overfllowing and isn’t half-empty as I tend to believe most of the time.

The big high is a BFP for a special friend who I met initially online but then in real life, who happens to be friends with other very good friends of ours. I really am thrilled for them and pray that all will go smoothly for them from here.

The cupboard guy should be sending through a quote tomorrow morning so am holding thumbs it’ll be okay and he can get started.

We also met with an architect today and went through all our plans, the various phases for everything and gave him our file of all the stuff we’ve collected over the years so that he can get a good idea of what we like. It’s definitely the exciting phase of it all before we get down to the real nitty-gritty decision making as well as the inevitable budget. Fingers crossed the whole of PE will want to get surgically enhanced to impress all the World Cup spectators (if there are going to be any of those??), then we’ll be able to implement it all ASAP.

Chris had a meeting with one of his colleagues (and in fact his immediate supervisor) with regards to their department and his promotion. She has some ideas of how they might manage to secure funding but with the government everything moves so slowly and he’s not going to wait forever for them to sort themselves out.

On Wednesday’s at school Zoe has Clay Play and Music and she enjoys both thoroughly so she’s been singing little songs she makes up herself all afternoon and clay play is just the highlight of her week. What’s quite scary is that she has to be at school “early” for Clay Play. It starts at 8.15am (normally she only has to be there by 9 although one can drop them anytime after 8am). Well, let me tell you what a struggle it is for us to actually make it on time, how I’m ever going to get them all to school for 8 is just a mystery. Presume the kids will have to start waking up before 7am as they do now.

Chris had to be at work just before 7am, so I couldn’t fit in my run early this morning so instead went after I dropped Zoe off. I wore my heart rate monitor for the first time in ages and ran just under 8km in 42 minutes, so not great but not too bad. I didn’t take the dogs as it was rather hot today and it was easier to focus on my running without having to keep an eye on them . I also like to run on the beach(if the tide is right) if they’re with me as I think it’s better for their paws and they enjoy it more than the path, but obviously one can’t run as well on the beach. A week of back to running and watching what I eat made no difference to the scale, so I am upping the distances I run and not bothering about what I eat too much and we’ll see what happens.


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