World’s apart

The main reason that we moved back to PE, is that we felt it was a great place to bring up children. One can still afford to live close to the sea, it’s pretty safe as far as South Africa goes, location isn’t generally an issue in the medical profession (and my parents live here).

I had some issues with my parents when I was growing up. Nothing major but I didn’t always get on so well with them. Now, I probably speak to my mom a few times every day and we have a brilliant relationship. I can be 100% honest with them and they are always willing to help out in whatever way they can. They are brilliant grandparents, especially my mom (my dad works too hard so he isn’t always around). She was a junior school teacher and is brilliant with children. Anyway, that’s not really what this post is about.

I have 2 brothers, one older and one younger. They are very different and don’t always see eye to eye but I get on extremely well with both of them. Today was my younger brother’s birthday (he’s only 14 months younger than me). I phoned his house at 7am but he was already at work, shame poor boy an early start on his birthday. He is busy specialising in paediatric surgery at Red Cross and works unbelievably hard – I am very glad he is my brother and not my husband, his poor wife and daughter don’t get to see him too often. Last night (or this morning) he only got home at 5am and had to leave again just after 6am!!! Hectic, and that happens a lot. He is about to write his final exams, so somehow he also needs to find time to study and then spend some time with his wife and their little girl. I am so glad Chris’s studying days are over.

Now, my older brother was living in Australia but was recently transfered to the USA for 3 years. I have no desire to live in Australia (guess I need to visit there before I make statements like that) but would love to live in the States for a bit. We have very good friends that live in Hawaii and Chris even wrote all his American medical exams while he was writing his final exams here. All he had to do was go to Philadelphia to do a practical exam within 7 years, but he just never got around to it. Never mind that the malpractice insurance for Plastic Surgeons there is astronomical. It’s bad enough here at almost R60000. So, we’ll just have to settle for going on holidays there. I think we’ll wait until Ava is a little older before we take the girls. We would love to go skiing next February/March and had only really thought of Europe but maybe we should consider the USA.

Now, my older brother is in London on business and was due to fly home today but now all the flights out of the UK are grounded due to the ash from some volcanic eruptions in Iceland (? I think) so he’s now stuck in London till possibly Sunday. They did live in London for 6 years so hopefully he’ll find some friends to visit. Shopping would be pretty pointless as I think the States is much better on that front.

So, finally getting to my point. Today, I spoke to both of my brothers. We live very far apart but are still fortunately very close. We all studied at Stellenbosch and for a very brief period we were all living in the UK at the same time. There is no chance we will ever all live in the same country again which is very sad. We speak often but my older brother has never met Zoe or Ava and I haven’t met his little boy, not great.  There is a minutely small possibility that my younger brother may come to live in PE and that would be awesome as Zoe and Lara get on so well and it would be great if the 3 girls could grow up together. I hope and pray that my 2 girls will become good friends and be very close through all the various stages in their lives.


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