Some crazy spending

Okay, there is lots of stuff happening in our house with our poor visa cards!!!

Today I bought 9!!! tickets for World Cup games. We already have tickets for 2 of the group stage matches (Germany vs Serbia and England vs Slovenia). I offered to get tickets for our nanny’s 3 sons and landed up buying them tickets for the Quarter final match (bit generous I know but I really feel it’s important that they get to enjoy the World Cup) and the match they wanted to see (Ivory Coast vs Portugal) only had the expensive category tickets left, so tickets for the QF were actually only R500 each as opposed to R700. I then bought 3 tickets for both the QF and Round 16 stage (so my parents and either Chris or I can go – alas someone must babysit). So not sure how many thousands of rands later but don’t reckon PE will be hosting the Olympics any time soon.

Then, Chris has discovered Bid or Buy. Schucks is all I can say. He has always had a thing for 1975 2 cent coins. He was born in 1975 but why 2 cent coins I haven’t a clue. Over the years he has collected them and then somehow loses them again. Anyway, he bought 5 x 2 cent coins on Bid or Buy for about R19 (including postage,etc.) Now he’s hooked and currently has 2 bids on Claerhout paintings. The auctions expire tonight, so not sure how many more thousands of rands this will cost us…

At this rate there won’t be any ski trip or major renovations anytime soon. It is lots of fun though.


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