One down, one to go

Well, Chris won the one auction which is good as I like the painting. However, just to show me how it works he bid on another painting I don’t like as much and he’s currently winning that one. Oops, he was convinced he would be outbid so now I’m holding thumbs that happens soon but time is running out as the auction ends at 8pm tonight.

Chris has been training for a 25 mile (yes, MILE) run at Addo National Park on 1 May. Yesterday he did quite a tough 25km race and it went well, so hopefully he’ll do okay in the 25 miler. It is an off-road type of race – not through the bush off-road but on the various roads through Addo. It is the same day as the PE Spar Ladies Race which I’m doing so both girls will be sleeping over at my folks the night before. It will be Ava’s first time sleeping there (without us) so I really hope it goes well as we have a few weekends away on our own planned. The first one is with very good friends of ours that moved to East London when we moved to PE. The husband trained with Chris so is also a plastic surgeon and the wife is a physio and is working at a school for disabled kids, just like I did. We are planning a weekend in Hogsback without the kids, YAY. Their children are a little older and they also have grandparents who are willing baby sitters. Chris (and this same friend) have been invited to a conference in Istanbul in June. We don’t have too many details yet, but perhaps we can wangle an invite for the wives and then Michelle and I can go along. That is the next reason for hoping Ava behaves at Nana and Grandpa’s house. We are then off to Buffalo Bay with friends in July (kids too) but the last weekend co-incides with the Knysna Marathon (Chris is doing) and Half-Marathon (I’m doing), so the plan is for my folks to drive and meet us half way and we then swap cars (they get the kids and trailer!!!) and we get the Mini. At present, that’s the final reason that I hope Ava will be her usual angelic self.

We had a wondeful dinner party last night, except that Chris invited the one couple and although he assures me he told them 7.30pm, I have serious doubts as they arrived at 7pm. Not a good time as Chris had just finished putting Ava down (but she was still awake) and Zoe had just got out of the bath. Ava then starts screaming as she objects to being dumped so quickly in her cot and Zoe is super-excited to say hi. Fortunately Ava quickly went to sleep but Zoe was out of bed like a jumping jack for all the usual reasons – wee, water, poo, you name it, until the other couple arrived (at 7.30pm when it was supposed to start) so she could say hi. She then tells me she isn’t tired and is all set to bring Moo and Kohl (her very precious cow and bear that she sleeps with) and join us. Swiftly told her

Zoe with Moo when she was still teeny tiny

Zoe with Moo when she was just over 2.

it was an adults only party and we fortunately didn’t see or hear from her again.

Chris made the starter – bruschetta (hope I’m spelling it right). Then we had Fillet steak (he marinated and made) with a salsa verde (I made) and roast veggies and a salad (I made). Pudding was a divine Nigella chocolate pudding recipe – individual puddings that are runny inside with raspberries and ice cream. Very yummy and a good team effort (I’m very fortunate that Chris loves cooking). Great meal for the diet!!! One of the girls at the dinner party had a baby the week after I had Ava and I’m a bit bleak as she now weighs less than she did when she got pregnant – she is still breastfeeding but still. I did go for a nice long run before church this morning and felt pretty good.

Think that’s all folks, although my poor big brother is still stranded in London, so praying hard that he gets back home safely to his family soon.


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