All good

Well, thankfully Chris lost the auction so only one painting will be winging it’s way here. Will take photos when it (hopefully) arrives.

Just remembered, actually not all good, last night was BAD…

Chris was on call this weekend for the Burns unit at Dora (one of the state hospitals). Usually it’s pretty quiet and he just goes in to do a ward round on Saturday and Sunday and maybe a phone call here and there. The one funny thing is that he went there on Saturday straight after finishing his 25km race. Now, he was hoping there’d be showers somewhere after the race but no such luck so off he went all stinky and sweaty and did his ward round. Working for the government does have it’s hidden blessings, imagine rocking up in your stinky running gear to see your private patients. We had a good laugh about that.

Anyway, starting at about 11, he proceeded to get I don’t know how many phone calls until well after 2am. I was getting so frustrated as he is always so dead asleep so takes a while to answer his darn phone and is then always slightly confused(not helped by the clarity of the English spoken by the sisters that are sometimes on duty) so the phone call takes a while. Just after that Ava yelled and after trying to leave her to settle herself (which she usually does)we gave up and Chris quickly went to her(he’s much better at this as I always tend to pick her up and then it all takes longer). An sms came through to my phone just before 5am(???) and my alarm was set for 6.15am to go running. I was so not keen when it went off, but after a 5 minute snooze I got up and am obviously glad I did.

So back to the good stuff. We went for a lovely walk yesterday afternoon. There is a great path all along the beachfront, near the swimming beaches it is a tarred path and then as one goes further towards what they call “The Wild side” it is an elevated walkway, so gives great views of the sea, surfers, boats and dolphins/whales. We usually walk towards the pier (swimming beaches/tarred path) but yesterday went the other direction. The dogs loved it (new smells) and Zoe had loads of fun jumping down the sand dunes and we saw some dolphins too.

Pollock beach, the beach just below our house

Chris demonstrating to Zoe

The walkway with the dogs way in front


One Response to “All good”

  1. mayflowerladybugs Says:

    Oh no! Now I want to move to PE! How lovely is that beach! Please let me know if Chris hears of a vacancy for a surgeon/vascular surgeon…

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