Quite a morning

Two of my friends who live nearby have little girls about Zoe’s age that are also at play school Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I’d been having the one little girl every Tuesday morning as she has a new little brother. Last Tuesday Zoe went to their house for the first time and now this morning was my turn to host. I also invited the other little girl (whose sister is a week younger than Ava) so there were 3 little girls here. To start with we made animal puppets. Was quite a business as they all wanted to do everything at once and at the age they are one has to supervise VERY closely or there is no chance the puppet will end up looking anything like it’s supposed to. After that they played on the jungle gym (has a little “house” at the top which they love), trampoline, rode bikes, played dolls, etc and really played so nicely together.

The puppets - a lion, tiger and crocodile. A photo doesn't quite do them justice as you can't see their teeth and mouths so well!!

Zoe has now “graduated” from Aquatots to Little Fish, so after dropping the other girls off we rushed off to her swimming lesson. With Aquatots she swam with Chris in the pool, but now she is on her own with the teacher (and 4 other children) and I wait with the other moms in another room (great time to just chat and relax in peace for a whole 20 minutes). She is enjoying it so much and I’m quite impressed that she doesn’t mind doing it on her own, one always under estimates them so much.

This afternoon we’re off to visit a friend that’s hurt her back very badly so is pretty much stuck at home as she’s not supposed to drive,etc. Stuck at home takes on a whole new level when you have 2 young children, so hopefully we’ll be a bit of a distraction for her and her kids.

I’ve been doing lots of thinking and planning with regards to exercise, have got so inspired since my long run on Sunday (and it’s the Iron Man here this weekend). There is a Half Iron Man in January in East London that I’m considering doing. It’s a 1.9km swim (will definitely be my weakest event), 90km cycle (I’ve done the Argus and Herald both over 100km loads of times) and then 21km run (absolutely no problem). The one glaringly obvious fact is that one has to do them one after the other- not so easy!!! So, plan at present is to keep up with my Knysna Half Marathon training but then maybe join up at Virgin Active (there’s one close to our house now which there wasn’t in Cape Town). I’m not the hugest gym fan, especially now that we stay so close to the beach and there’s a wonderful path/pedestrian road all along the beachfront for many kilometres. The thing is that I always feel like I must take the dogs along as they look so crestfallen if they get left behind and if one runs more than about 8 km they do start to lag as they like to run in short bursts. It also means that I can go to gym once the kids are in bed, when the weather is miserable and in the middle of winter when it’s pitch dark at 6am in the morning. I think cross training and in particular, some weight training, will be very good for me and obviously essential if I’m going to do the Half Iron Man.

Fortunately, my friend who literally lives around the corner and has 2 little girls the same age, has done it before and is also training for the Knysna. The other issue is that for running one only really needs running shoes but for triathlons one needs a bike, wetsuit,etc.,etc., so it’s quite a costly exercise. I must also try and convince my friend in East London to do it.

Will chat to Chris tonight about a gym memebership and whether he’s also keen and we’ll go from there. Watch this space.

Got some feedback from the architect so more to discuss with Chris. Tuesday night is our NO TV / WORK night fortunately.


One Response to “Quite a morning”

  1. marthie Says:

    well done Zoe!!!!! you lirrel fish! Too cute man! I LURVE the puppets!! What a great idea! Must be so nice with a little girl! You can have tea parties and wear big girl clothes and have fun!! BUT, i suppose there is teh high maintenance issue as well when they turn 16! hehe

    Enjoy them! They are gorgeous!

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