Ahh, a bit less manic

Okay, so first things first my brother is hopefully getting home to his family in Tucson tomorrow. That’s exactly a week later than he was supposed to be home.

More good news, the painting arrived and I like it very much. Chris will take it to be framed later today. We have another Claerhout (our other one is of yellow sunflowers with some children waving in the foreground and a few houses in the background). He’ll ask them to frame this one quite similarly. Bad news though, Chris was looking at loads of other paintings on the dreaded Bid or Buy and I think he put in a bid on another one. HELP is all I can say. Amongst other things he told me that some Cecil Skotnes was “speaking to him”!!!

The painting

We had a good brainstorming session about the house and think we came up with some great ideas. Our poor architect is really going to have his work cut out for him. It’s a week since we first met and things have already changed drastically. We will probably keep the house to one level and not go up as that would result in a lot of wasted rooms/space downstairs as we would have to put all the bedrooms upstairs, so that would then leave us with 2 unused bedrooms downstairs. I sent the architect a long email but sure he’ll have to come and visit the house again just to understand exactly what we are proposing.

This morning I went to visit a girl that was at school with me. Another mutual friend started a “Charitea” group. Basically it’s quite a big group of ladies that all meet about once a month for tea/coffee and instead of just chatting we support a different charity each time. Last time was actually in aid of the Baby Home that our church started and supports. Depending on the charity one brings whatever things they need or just a monetary contribution. Anyway, getting back to my point. I met up with this friend again at the last Charitea. She was staying in Joburg but they moved back to PE 6 months ago and her husband still commutes to work in Jhb, not easy but they’re much happier living in PE and her mom, sister,MIL,etc. are all here. It was really great catching up and her children are pretty much the same age as mine so all in all a good reconnection. I know it’s the part about smaller places that put some people off but I must say it’s been absolutely brilliant to move back here and meet up with so many people again and because everyone is somehow connected to someone else, one makes friends very easily and by just knowing one person it mushrooms into a whole friendship network. One definitely can’t keep any secrets in this place or ever get lonely, I’m having a hard time seeing everyone I would like to as often as I’d like to. I guess that’s pretty much life though but rather have it that way around than plenty of time and no one to visit.


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