Bit stiff

Just a quick update. An absolutely stunning day here today. Chris woke up really early and ran to the hospital and back. He had to see patients there and do a long run, so basically killed 2 birds with 1 stone. I then went for a long run at about 9am and got a bit caught up in the Iron Man Corporate challenge. For those of you that don’t know, the full Iron Man is a 3,8km swim (in the sea), a 180km cycle and then a 42km run. Very hectic. Today’s corporate challenge was a 300m swim, 15km cycle and 4 km run, so pretty tame but loads of competitors and my running route overlapped with their one for a bit!!! Anyway, run was great although a bit hot and I can definitely feel that my core stability is not what it should be as I’m a bit stiff in my back, not my legs, but maybe that’ll come tomorrow. Our new couch arrived and I love it. Yes, I know I must still post before and after photos of the study.

We went to pick up all our World Cup tickets, bought a new study chair (in anticipation of our new desk) and got some storage containers for the kids stuff  (for the new cupboards) so hopefully the study/playroom will be a little more orderly and look a little less like toy shop (once the girls are safely tucked up in bed) soon. I can’t wait.

We then went for a walk with the dogs down to the Iron kids event (100 or 200m swim and 2km run) and had an ice cream. Ava had her first taste of ice cream and surprise, surprise I think she likes it.

Tomorrow the proper Iron Man starts at 7am, so we’ll be waking the kiddies up early (they usually only wake at 7am) and walking down to see the start. It is absolutely awesome as the atmaosphere is just electric and there are loads of boats in the water, helicopters flying around and just an all-round great event to watch. The nice thing about watching it (the Iron Man event as such), is that the athletes do laps, so one gets to see competitors that you know quite a few times during the day and there’s always lots of action. They do 2 laps of the swim, 3 laps of the cycling and 4 laps of the run (I think). After watching the start and staying for the swim, we’ll probably walk to the bottom of our road, where there is a park (for the kids) and the beach is across the road, so should be lots of fun to cheer while also keeping the girls and dogs happy.

In other scary(?) news, Ava hasn’t slept the last 2 afternoons. I’ve put her down both days but over an hour later, she is still chatting away to herself. This probably means that I need to start making her morning nap a bit later but it menas that on the days that Zoe goes to school, I will no longer have 2 precious hours to get stuff done and they usually have their afternoon naps at the same time (more me time) which now won’t happen. EEK, the end of an era and the start of some pretty long days till Ava starts play school in about 12-18 months time. I think I’ll persevere for a bit (with 2 sleeps) as we have our mom’s group on Mondays at 11am (so she’ll have to sleep before that) and I was hoping to have her birthday party at about 10.30am on the 4th of June (her birthday) as we are going away in the afternoon. That’s what happens when one makes plans. She manages amazingly well without the nap, not too grumpy or anything. We even went to Spur for supper this evening (early supper of course) without any issues. It’s always incredible how packed Spur is so early in the evening.


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