So, yesterday was the Iron Man. We woke the girls up just before 6.30am, gave them their milk/tea, got them all bundled into the pram and walked to watch the start of the race from the Pier. As I said the other day, the atmosphere was electric with loads of spectatators. It was pretty chilly in the morning and the sea was rather choppy. The wind died down almost completely after an hour or 2 but by then the competitors had completed their swim. To actually see the distance they have to swim is incredible. They do 2 laps of the course. The leaders take about 45 -50 minutes for the swim, so just imagine swimming in a choppy sea for well over an hour, as most of the others people do. I’d packed in breakfast for the girls and we headed home about 9 again. We went down a bit later, but this time, to just below our house so took the dogs and by this stage it was a perfect day (27 degrees,windless) so of course we landed up on the beach. Quite incredibly, the whole family all managed to have an afternoon nap at the same time, absolute bliss and then we went down to the finish again to watch the first lady come in (about 9h30 minutes) and cheer for all the cyclists (yes, there were still some cyclists) and runners coming past on their various laps. It really is a phenomenal event to watch and so spectatator friendly as for such a long event (the cut-off was at 11pm last night), the athletes pass the the same point (start/finish area or wherever) about 9 or 10 times I think. Because of all the grass lawns between Marine Drive and the beach there is loads of place for everyone to walk up and down and plenty of space for all the kids that come along, to run around and play.

All bundled up, ready to go


With my folks

Start of the swim


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