I’m amazed at how differently I’ve reacted to my 2 girls achieving their developmental milestones. Zoe is slightly low toned (hypotonic) or as most people would say, floppy. Just what an NDT (neuro developmental) physio needs in her life. “Clumsy” children are often floppy children but fortunately she doesn’t seem to have any “clumsy” tendencies, so it might just be that she has very hypermobile joints and that masquerades as floppiness . Basically if you took 100 normal people, everyone would be slightly different in terms of their muscle tone. Zoe is on the lower side of normal. She reached all her developmental milestones at the correct age but I am extra vigilant about making her do as much gross motor activities as possible. She does Gymini kids and Clay Play at school, swims twice a week, does horse-riding and we have a jungle gym with monkey bars and gladiator rings as well as a trampoline. I try not to let her watch any TV and we play outside and do active stuff as much as possible. Fine motor activities are more limited now that Ava is so mobile and wants everything that Zoe has. We have to keep our jewellery making, or activities with tiny objects for when she is sleeping. I am nervous that her fine motor skills won’t be what they should be which will obviously have a huge impact on her schooling.

A month or two back  I noticed that she wasn’t holding her koki’s/crayons/pens very well (used an immature grip) but with extra fine motor activities like threading, picking up tiny beads, etc,etc and gross motor stuff to strengthen her shoulders, arms and core muscles like wheelbarrow walking and lots of climbing activities this has improved dramatically in a very short space of time. I’m not sure whether it’s a hinderance or a help having a physio trained in this field as your mom. Only time will tell and I am getting a little rusty so lets hope I can still do more good than harm. I suppose it’s just another reason that I’m very grateful that I can be at home with my children. I play with them every day and we have lots of play dates with friends . This meant that I noticed very quickly that she wasn’t holding a pen nearly as well as her little friend who is 6 months younger. I fortunately knew what we could do to try and improve this and for now, all is okay, but if I didn’t spend so much time with her, would someone else have picked it up? Somehow I doubt it, she’s at a play school where there are only 8 in her class with 1 very experienced teacher and an assistant and they were not concerned at all.

But I am now seriously off the topic. Ava has always been slightly ahead of Zoe except when it came to crawling. Zoe crawled at exactly 8 months and Ava was about 8 and a half months. Zoe walked at 14 months and I wasn’t really expecting Ava to do so much before then. Crawling is very good for children, so the longer she does so, the better, but the little munchkin has started taking a few steps. She prefers to do it on grass or carpet (we have wooden floors everywhere with a few loose rugs) but this afternoon we were out visiting and she was in her element walking on their carpets. It’s amazing how excited they get and how they just know they’re achieving something special. What drives them to want to stand up and walk when they can crawl so much faster? Our house is a bit hazardous for walking – it has loads of different levels and I personally wish she’d get more teeth rather than start walking.


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