An active day

Well today has been quite a busy day in our house. Chris took part in an off-road extreme/ultra marathon that went from Kirkwood to Zuurberg through the Addo National Park!!! He has just finished, so took just under 8 hours to run 48km, sounds very slow but apparently it’s very tough with a massive mountain and obviously running off road is very different to running  on the road (perhaps like mountain biking and road cycling, I’m not sure). He is now at the Zuurberg Inn and his parents (who happen to be driving to us today-that’s a whole other story) are picking him up and taking him to get his car, that some random person that he asked at the start of the race drove and left in Addo for him. Will hear all about it when they get home (the race not the bizarre manner in which he possibly had his car stolen…let’s hope not). He had to take all sorts of survival gear along which I found quite amusing – whistle (to scare the elephants away?), torch, space blanket and he had to run with his camelpack (water).

My activity was slightly less eccentric. I ran the Spar Ladies 10km race with 8000 other competitors (think 8000 was for the 5km and 10km combined). Anyway, my time was okay, not my best (47 minutes) but 51 minutes so not bad. I was hoping for 50 minutes but there are so many walkers and slow runners at the start that it takes a little while to get going. The personal best I did before I’d had children and could obviously do loads of training. I came 91st this morning, so even got a “silver” medal. I stayed over at my folks last night with the girls and dogs and the nice thing about the race was that it went passed my parents’ house, so Ava and Zoe were there cheering for me with my mom.

I had absolutely no idea my in-laws were coming to stay until my MIL phoned last night to say they would be arriving after lunch??!!! Our guest room/s are currently a 2 bedroom flat in the back garden. The thing is that it’s not part of the house and Joyce never really cleans it unless people are coming to stay. So, straight after my run I had to rush home and spent over an hour cleaning it. The thing that p’s me off is that I have a full-time domestic and if they’d only bothered to phone and warn me (even yesterday morning) I could have asked Joyce to clean it and I wouldn’t have had to do that, as well as organise supper for tonight, because Chris will be half-dead and look after 2 kids. I am seriously not amused but won’t go into it too much as one never knows who might stumble across this blog. All I have to say is that a little bit of common courtesy goes a long way. I mean who knows what we may have had organised for this weekend.

Anyway, 3 year old is now seriously demanding my attention, so better go play some Brainy Blocks, then off to the shops when junior wakes at 3 to get some supplies.

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