The last

I promise you I won’t talk anymore about running but I just have to share this. I go for my run just after 6 and it takes about 40 (without dogs) to 45 minutes (with dogs). I run a little bit on the beach with the dogs so they can have a swim and some fun and it’s not too hard on their paws, so it takes a little longer. Anyway, on our way back this morning, while running on the beach, the sun is just starting to come up so the sky is all pink, the sea is that gorgeous blue and just behind the waves there was a school of dolphins swimming passed. How cool is that? I will admit I wasn’t too keen to get out of bed when my alarm went off, but it certainly was worth it and what an awesome way to start the day. Sorry no photo as I don’t run with my phone or camera.


One Response to “The last”

  1. myjamjar Says:

    WOW!!! that must’ve been beautiful!!! Wish i was in PE, we could’ve been running partners! 😦

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