Today is Mother’s day and I have everything that I ever dreamed of but, 2 years ago I had my second miscarriage on Mother’s Day. We’d just come home from church and without a hint of a cramp or anything I just started bleeding. What followed was a rather awful rollercoaster – had a scan the next morning which showed that things could go either way but a falling beta HCG that day meant all was indeed over. Then we hoped that things would be over soon, unlike my previous miscarriage, but it wasn’t to be. Beta levels even started climbing again, so it took an injection of some hectic chemo drug to eventually sort it all out. 4 months later I fell pregnant with Ava, so I know we were very lucky and she is such a happy, joyful child that I don’t feel too much grief about the 2 babies that we lost. I suppose I only wonder about them, ‘What would they have looked like?’, ‘Were they boys or girls?’ and as it becomes more obvious just how different Ava and Zoe are, ‘What kind of personalities would they have had?’. Somewhere I heard that girl embryos are stronger than boy one’s initially. Can’t remember where I read it, so it’s probably an old wives’ tale, but think it was something to do with the XX chromosomes making the embryo that bit bigger to start with. That makes me think that the second miscarriage was perhaps a boy. It doesn’t make me yearn for a boy although I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a boy, hopefully between Zoe and Ava I’ll have a few grandsons one day. My parents had 2 boys and a girl and now they have 4 grand daughters and only 1 grandson.

My parents are actually in Cape Town with my brother and his family, so we’ll just be celebrating as a family of 4 today. Church was lots of fun as loads of our friends were there today and the girls both had a ball. It’s a stunning day here today, feels like a berg wind so sure we’ll also go to the beach at some stage.

Know I said I wouldn’t mention running too much but I did do a Half Marathon yesterday. Unfortunately, my tummy was playing up so had to stop for a few pit stops but if it wasn’t for the stops I would have managed a time of about 1 hour 50 minutes which is pretty good considering my last Half Marathon was the Two Oceans one way back in 2006. Conditions yesterday were perfect and it was a very easy route and despite my tummy issues, I felt very good.

While my folks are in Cape Town we are looking after their dog, Kohl, a 7 month old black labrador. Our children wake up at 7am or after every morning but Kohl was up and about at 5.15am this morning!!! Prancing around on our very quiet (not) WOODEN floors, shaking his noisy collar (will be taken off tonight) and sticking his cold,wet nose in our faces. Chris eventually fed him at 5.30am and he said our 2 dogs were still half asleep when he gave them all their breakfast. Our labrador, Rolo, is a very hungry tiger, so for him to still be groggy is quite something. He and Kohl chase each other  and “play/fight/wrestle” constantly, so think Rolo is already a bit exhausted from all their antics yeaterday. Let’s hope tomorrow morning is abit later else it’s going to be a very long week. Oh, and we were greeted by a nice big hole when we arrived home from Church. What’s quite funny is that our dogs don’t dig at all but according to my mom, when they are at their house, Olive digs holes. Well, looking at the hole that greeted us this morning I’m really not so sure about that theory anymore. This is the first hole we’ve had in our garden and it’s certainly not the first time the dogs have been left outside while we are out…


One Response to “Bittersweet”

  1. bratty37 Says:

    I think that your Moms dog Kohl is a bad influence…he made your dogs dig a hole…smile

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