So, today I don’t have any earth-shattering news, except that there is one black labrador visiting us that is in serious need of some dog school.

We took both our dogs to training, from when we got them, until they’d advanced to Class 2/3. Every Saturday afternoon for about a year, come rain or shine. I took Olive and Chris, Rolo. Rolo actually got further at school than Olive which is quite remarkable as Olive is the most obedient, well-behaved dog I know. Rolo is highly motivated by food and praise, which Olive isn’t, so reckon it was the whole reward system that made him do better. Anyway, they are both pretty good, Rolo still gets a bit too excited when people come and visit but they sit, stay, lie down, go outside, can walk without leads near busy streets, take no notice of other dogs when we’re out walking (if they’re told to do so), do not jump up or interfere with the children in any way, never take food from the children or from anywhere unless in their bowls (okay so maybe this is a slight exagaration), but I think you get the picture. They are a pleasure to have in our home.

Exhibit B is Kohl, the 7 month old mini-horse that is my parents’ labrador. He’s huge (not fat, just very tall) for a labrador – will take a photo of our zoo tomorrow, if I can squeeze it into my hectic day!! He’s also naughty and undisciplined. He leaps up at anyone who comes to visit, has eaten a few of the kids toys. Funnily enough Zoe (my sensitive, perfectionist) wasn’t too bothered that her bucket, watering can and some other sand pit toys were strewn across the garden in bits but she completely lost it when she saw that he’d eaten up the container that we use to measure out his food!!! Strange child that one. What else, he is always under my feet, especially when I’m trying to cook or do anything related to food and he keeps walking straight over Ava and because he’s so big and clumsy he usually stands on her.  Tomorrow I want to go for a run but won’t be able to take Kohl so somehow will have to get out of the house, with just our 2 dogs, and try not wake Zoe and Ava.

I will again try and insist that my parents start taking him for training when they get back from holiday. They are going to the USA at the end of the year for a few weeks and I’m not having him again unless he is better behaved.

So, about the title of this post. I seriously have no clue how working moms do it. I honestly don’t know. Today felt like such a rush from start to finish. Sure you don’t want to know but here goes (maybe I’ll look back on this in a few years and laugh at how simple my life was)…

7am: Wake Ava up and give her a bottle (Zoe has some tea with us in bed at 7am or just before, whenever she wakes)

7am – 8am: Get everyone dressed and eat breakfast (yes, it does take this long). Chris usually leaves just after 7 but not after he has fed the dogs, made everyone tea/coffee/Nan2, made and packed Zoe’s school lunch(yes, I know what a star dad he is) and taken out the rubbish because Monday is rubbish day.

8am: Joyce arrives and the girls go with her to the flat while she gets dressed (it is one of the highlights of their day – even the dogs all go along – they’re learning Xhosa and get up to all sorts of fun). It also gives me 15 minutes of peace to finish getting ready, have my breakfast, quickly check emails or whatever.

8.30am:Take Zoe to school quickly (drop-off is anytime between 8 and 9am and often I only just make it by 9am)

8.45-9.15am: Quick Pick ‘n Pay shop with Ava

9.20am: Put Ava down for her nap. Do admin stuff for Chris, phone everyone I needed to (people to come and fix our gate motor, organise family photo shoot for Thursday, amongst others) , type letters for Chris and our building stuff.

10.55am: Wake Ava and go to our Toddler Workshop class whaich starts at 11am

12.35pm: Fetch Zoe from my folks (yes, they’re away but my mom’s maid, Ida, fetched Zoe from school and gave her lunch and they were busy playing with the dolls house when we arrived-her school is 2 doors down from my parents and Ida has been with my mom since my younger brother was 3 months old)

12.40pm: Give Ava lunch

1pm: Send Zoe for a “rest” in her room, she mostly doesn’t sleep anymore but she has to be in her room for an hour

1.20pm: Put Ava down for her nap. Do a bit more admin.

2-3pm: Baked shortbread for Zoe’s outing tomorrow (with Zoe) and cooked supper and played with Zoe

3pm: Got Ava up, went to the shops to buy 3 presents for 2 kiddie parties we’re going to this weekend (1 is a combined party), bought Ava’s milk which I didn’t realise was almost finished because SOMEONE (no names mentioned but the only other person living in the house that can write) didn’t write it on the list, went to Builder’s Express to try and buy some bathroom fittings that we need. Completely forgot that someone from our security company was coming over at 4.30pm to give us a quote for some stuff we want done. Arrived home a few minutes late.

4.30-5pm: Chatted to security guy

5pm: Gave Ava supper, Chris came home just after 5, so as soon as I’d finished with Ava, I quickly took the 3 dogs down to the beach for a walk

6pm: The rest of us had supper

6.30pm: Chris bathed the kids

6.45-7pm: Girls to bed

Where would I have fitted work in? Okay, I did do a little bit of work but not much. Tomorrow Zoe has a school outing to the Miniature Trains, so Ava will stay with Joyce and I’ll go along and then we’ll have to go straight from the outing to swimming… I think I’m going to book a mother-daughter blow-dry (and trim for Zoe) at the hairdresser on Thursday afternoon for our photo shoot. Zoe LOVES the hairdresser but we are trying to grow her hair (it’s curly so this is taking forever) so she hasn’t been for a trim in ages and Chris has only ever taken her, so it will be such fun to go together. Hope the photos are okay as she’s in the phase where she gives those very fake smiles and she’s a thumb-sucker so to try and get her to smile properly and not have her hands in her mouth simultaneously, while also getting Ava to smile and both to look at the camera is perhaps mission impossible. Oh boy, think this may just be a giant waste of money.


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