All socialised out

It’s been a little while. During the revamping of the study, the computer was out of action, so no updates I’m afraid. It’s pretty much all done, with a few major adjustments. When they came to put in the desk, we realised something wasn’t quite right, then it dawned on us, it was way too high. Not sure what I’ve told you, but Chris “designed” a desk and had the draw fronts made but he then admitted that he really didin’t have the time to make the desk and I got someone to do it for us. We told him what Chris had planned to do and gave him the draw fronts, not realising that Chris’s idea of having the sets of drawers (2 x normal narrow drawers and 2 x double filing cabinet drawers) on wheels, would mean the desk was about 85 cm high as opposed to the usual 75cm or lower. One option was to get a chair that could go up higher but then I’d need something for my feet. It also meant that the desk looked huge in the room as it isn’t the biggest of rooms and the desk was already quite deep and wide, so my plan of having the room feel less cluttered was seriously backfiring. So, Chris spent today removing the wheels off 2 of the sets of drawers, cutting down the sides of the desk and repositioning it all. He also had a whole lot of new bathroom fittings to put up in the “new” guest bathroom and our en-suite. I felt like I spent the entire day looking after kids and he achieved very little. I was feeling extremely irritated, so at about 4pm I took the dogs (only our 2 YAY YAY YAY) and the girls for a very long walk along the beach. By the time we got back he’d made tremendous progress and the study is now finished, I think. The bookshelf/ toy cupboard units are not great. They are well made but they’re just boring off-white, so really nothing special, especially when compared to the desk. The desk is walnut veneer (and bits of solid walnut) with high-gloss draw fronts. The desk will be with us forever and the destiny of the bookshelf units is most probably the kid’s bedrooms once we do all the renovations, so I’m sure I’ll get used to them and they do serve their purpose.

View from lounge into the study/playroom

View towards guest room

View of desk

As you can see no visible toys, except I didn’t take a photo towards the window where the kiddies table and chairs and some other stuff is. Book shelves still need to be organised and “prettied” up a bit with photos. Photos from our family shoot I hope. It was a stunning day and we went down to the beach but I can’t imagine there are many (if any) of Zoe and Ava smiling simultaneously, let alone all 4 of us. Can’t wait for the proofs to be emailed through.

So, why am I a bit socialised out. Friday morning I went to a charitea which is basically a large group of inter connected friends that all meet about once a month but each month we support a different charity. We get emailed a list of stuff that the charity needs and then bring  items and/or money along. This month we supported CHOC. There are also a few evening functions/parties during the year that are also in aid of charity but  we’re going to miss the next one as it’s the weekend we’re going to Hogsback and I’m definitely not going to miss that. Friday afternoon was a combined birthday for friends of ours’s children that are pretty much exactly the same age as our 2. Chris often finishes a bit earlier on a Friday, so he joined us towards the end and there were a few other dads (as well as all the moms) there as well, so it was quite a socliable occasion. That night we had a dinner at other friends’ house around the corner. Got back after 11 and I then went for a long run on Saturday at about 6.30am. Had another kiddies party Saturday morning (a very good friend from school that I’ve reconnected with since we both got back to PE). As soon as I got home, Chris had to go to work and he got back about 4pm. We went to the Last Night of the Proms concert followed by a dinner on Saturday evening. It started at 5pm and because my parents were away, Joyce came to give the girls supper, bath and put them to bed (and babysit). That all went very well which I’m thrilled about as she’s babysat many times and even done supper, bath and bed with Ava but not with both of them before. So, another late night and then today I took the girls to church, etc. so Chris could get on with the DIY things. I was planning to be in bed early tonight as I must run tomorrow morning again (so not keen) but here I am typing this…

Oh and while everyone else seemed to get loads of rain lately we have just been having perfect day after perfect day. Hope it stays this way for the World Cup. I am getting seriously excited for the World Cup now, must get the girls soccer shirts (not sure about myself yet) and perhaps those mirror socks for the car. My parents got some while they were down in Cape Town. It’s amazing how the atmosphere is just building and building.


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