This and that

So a few days ago I wrote about Zoe’s jealousy towards her sister and my issues with discipline with her. Zoe goes to swimming twice a week and the moms are there, but we don’t watch, so it gives us chance to chat for a few minutes. I was telling them about the foot-biting incident and was then told about how the one mom bit her child back as she kept biting her sister maliciously and other equally “heat-of-the-moment” discipline incidents. While I’m certainly not condoning anything they did or didn’t do, it did make me feel a bit better, that I’m not the only one that gets so unbelievably mad that one almost doesn’t recognise oneself. Just to say that I’m not really keen on corporal punishment, so it is only on the very rare occasion that Zoe gets a smack (usually if I see her deliberately hurting her sister and I’ve already given her a warning). Mostly we use time-out or take away her 2 stuffed animals and 2 taglets that she sleeps with (for a very short time as this nearly kills her). Oh, and she has a magnetic sticker chart as a reward for good behaviour, but the reward for lots of stickers is usually something edible, which I know is wrong.

Now, one always hears that doctors’ immediate families are the most neglected in terms of medical care. Let me tell you it is true and the one about doctors making the worst patients, even more true. I can only speak for my husband though, so maybe women doctors are a bit better, as let’s face it, moms tend to be a bit more concerned and involved than dads. As an example, both our girls sleep extremely well, down by 7 and wake again at 7 with usually no waking up during the night. The other night Ava woke at about 2 or 3 and just wouldn’t settle. I’d go to her, pat her bum and 20-30 minutes later she would cry again. She wasn’t feverish and didn’t have a dirty nappy but I just thought maybe something’s wrong, so I say to a very sleepy Chris, please can you get her some Stopayne (I was holding Ava by this stage having given up on the “patting bum strategy”). He replies, “You can’t just give Stopayne all the time!” Now let me set the record straight by saying that Ava hasn’t been sick since she was 4 months old and never gets medicine unless she’s had injections that day, so that comment was based on pure reluctance on his part to get out of bed and get the Stopayne. I won’t even start on what it’s like when he gets sick. No matter what the weather he puts on his beanie and a tracksuit, refuses to take any medication at all (except Corenza C) and won’t eat anything except Bovril toast and chicken soup and he just looks like he’s about to die. Oh, we gave Ava the Stopayne and never heard another peep out of her.

This evening after supper (I’m ashamed to say we ate at 5.30pm) Chris went for a run with Zoe and while I was trying to do the washing up, Ava was pulling at my leg and moaning to be picked up. So, I had the bright idea of putting her in the other sink. It kept her very entertained, although she did get rather wet and it made for difficult rinsing of everything (well, not very drought-friendly rinsing at least).

My little helper


2 Responses to “This and that”

  1. Eve Says:

    LOL! That is so cute!!

  2. Bratty Says:

    Love the little helper…

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