Birthday nostalgia

Been thinking about this for a little while. I realise that not everyone can choose how they give birth and just because I had such awesome birth experiences does not mean there are not thousands of horror stories out there. Just thought I’d share a bit of Ava’s birth as it’s almost a year ago already.

My water broke at about midnight and I started having contractions immediately. We phoned my mom and she came over to stay with Zoe. Once we’d got to the hospital I was about 3 -4 cm dilated but the contractions were pretty hectic. At about 1.30am I asked for an epidural and my gynae came to do it. It was the most brilliant epidural as I could move around but didn’t feel any pain. Once it was in and working they turned off the lights in the delivery room and we dozed for a bit. At about 4.30am the midwife came to check on us and asked if I felt any urge to push, which I actually did but thought it was still going to take much longer. She had a quick look and I was fully dilated so she called the doctor. The lights were kept dimmed (well, obviously there was a light so the doctor could see what was going on) and it was just myself, Chris, the gynae and the midwife. I literally gave about 3 pushes and Ava was born at 4.49am and she latched immediately. It was such a wonderfully calm and special experience, one that I am so glad I got to experience. I had a tough pregnancy with her. It all started with 9 weeks of painful daily gestone injections in my bum, very nerve-wrecking non-doubling beta HCG levels, about 4 major bleeding episodes in the first trimester, morning sickness that lasted all day up until about 20 weeks and even bad days right till the end, so I’m very glad she behaved herself on her birthday.

Just born - 4 June 2009

Zoe meeting Ava for the first time

Today they took photos at Zoe’s school. She doesn’t normally go on a Tuesday but went today. When I dropped her off, I chatted a bit to Leanne, the photographer (a mom at the school and friend from church as well), and told her I didn’t expect much as Zoe is in the fake smile stage and isn’t the most photogenic child. Ava was with me, so she said she’d quickly take some of the 2 of them together. She managed a few before Ava started squirming and trying to crawl away and I just saw them on the camera’s screen but there was one gorgeous one, so I’m very excited. Still waiting for the proofs from our other photo shoot.


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