My little reverser

Our house was built in 1950 and the fashion was obviously to have a sunken lounge, resulting in extra-high ceilings. It also has stunning beech wood floors but the sunken lounge is a bit of a pain and something we are planning to try and change, as long as we can do so without damaging the floors.

So, there is a fairly long, narrow entrance hall that leads into the lounge and then the bedrooms go off to the left. It’s down 2 steps (2,5 metres wide) into the lounge. Then there is the same width steps going up into the playroom/study and also to the diningroom. Young children love to race on stuff around the house. Zoe is vehicle crazy – she knows all the various makes of cars, watches formula 1 and is besotted with motorbikes, quad bikes, jetski’s,scooters, you name it. So she has a black motorbike, a Y-bike, a scooter, a tricycle, a proper bicycle and a pram – all of which she loves to ride and it would be brilliant if she could ride them round and round the house but because of the silly steps she can’t. She can go down passed the bedrooms and bathrooms, through the kitchen and into the diningroom but it would be nice if she could go all the way round. Ava can also just push her trolley up and down in the lounge which isn’t too exciting. She actually loves to stand on the wooden trolley (holding onto the handle) and then Zoe pushes her up and down. This starts off as a slow and gentle exercise and soon escalates into something quite fast (and a bit dangerous) but Ava squeals with delight and that just encourages Zoe more. They also ride on the tricycle and the black motorbike together, although on the tricycle Zoe has to stand and steer while I push with the metal pole.

But that’s not actually what this is about. When Ava first started crawling she obviously had a few tumbles down the steps and very soon learned to turn around and go backwards down steps. The adorable thing is that she turns around when she’s still about 2 metres away from the steps and then proceeds to reverse for ages before she even gets to the stairs. It’s so cute as sometimes she starts going a bit squew and then reverses into the wall. We also have about 6 steps that go from our back patio down into the garden and she just LOVES going up and down them. It keeps her entertained for ages but one has to watch her like a hawk as she also takes herself off to the jungle-gym, climbs up the slide (all by herself), gets to the top and then here’s where it gets dangerous, she thinks if she turns around and goes backwards, she can get off anything safely… Fine if she goes down where the slide part is, not so fine if it’s the side of the steep ramp or where the monkey-bars are and so just a wooden step ladder down to the ground. Let me tell you the speed with which she can crawl out the dinigroom sliding door, down the steps, to the jungle-gym and up the slide is unbelievably fast. Less time than it takes to wonder why it’s so quiet and where is she? The trampoline is not high up, so she reverses off that and either lands on her feet or plop on her bum and the same now fortunately goes for couches, beds or whatever else the little monkey has decided to haul herself (or with a little help from her sister) onto. So, as long as I can keep her jungle-gym visits supervised, we hopefully won’t land up in the ER again soon.

Playing safely in the sandpit, then like a shot she's up at the top


One Response to “My little reverser”

  1. myjamjar Says:

    Ag my nunnie! That is sooooo cute! Wish her and J could play!!! soon soon!!

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