Photo shoot

I got the proofs this morning. Now just have to try and choose which one’s we want. There are over 250!!!


4 Responses to “Photo shoot”

  1. bratty37 Says:

    What beautiful girls you have…absolutely love the photos

  2. Krissi Says:

    These pics are amazing! WOW! Your daughters are soo beautiful! I read your comment to another blogger about going through IVF and now having your family. I hope you don’t mind me posting it here but I would love to feature your success story on my blog! I too had success with IVF and now I blog to help others and I feature a story every Sunday to help inspire my readers. Please go to for the questions! Thanks so much in advance!

  3. myjamjar Says:

    OH WOW!!!!!!!!! How stunning are those!!! I LOVE the last one!!! It is gorgeous!!! Mom and Ava are both GORGEOUS!!!!! You have beautiful girls! I just wanna SQUUEEEEZZE them! hehe

    Cant wait to meet them!

    I also LOVE the 6th one from teh bottom, dad and Ava’s faces are priceless!!!

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