Accidental smack, oops

So, I mentioned the other day that I really prefer not to smack Zoe and today I realised again why it’s not a good thing and should only ever be used when I actually witness a very serious offence. I do a little bit of admin stuff for Chris. At the moment I’m busy trying to sort out pre-authorisation for a lady so that she can have a breast reconstruction 10 years after she had her mastectomy. The medical aid (they really are agents of the devil I tell you, the lot of them) need all sorts of proof of her cancer diagnosis (a photo of her with 1 breast missing is not sufficient evidence for them, like anyone willingly has 1 breast removed!!)before they’ll approve it. The thing is that the mastectomy was done at the government hospital and one is only legally required to keep medical records for 5 years. Anyway, fortunately the oncology department at the government hospital are very jacked up and helpful and I managed to get hold of all the stuff and was busy emailing it all through.

Now, we live in an old house with very few plug points, so in the study there is an extension lead running from 1 plug point and this is connected to 2 multi-plugs for all the hundreds of computer-related things that need plugging in. We recently changed one of the multi-plugs and the new one has switches and red lights to indicate whether a particular plug is on or not. So, the other day, while I was busy with the girls in the study (also the play room) Zoe switched all the “lights” off she proudly told me. I explained to her that she was never to do that again and why it was so important that she didn’t. Now, this morning I’m quickly emailing all the necessary documentation through as I need to get the authorisation as the op has already been scheduled. I quickly left the room and came back to be told by Zoe that she’d “turned the red lights off”!! I was really angry and gave her a smack as I’d warned her very specifically never to do that again. I then set about turning everything on again, only to discover that she’d actually been riding around on the wheelie-stool we have in the study and this had bumped into the extension lead connection and so the multi-plug had been turned off. She shouldn’t really have been playing with the stool under the table but it really was an accident and I felt very bad. I apologised to her immediately and she wasn’t too bothered by the incident but I really felt awful. Bad mommy. She has actually been a complete angel this week and I have been making a concerted effort to praise all her good behaviour, which seems to have done wonders. We have had loads of fun this week as the weather has been brilliant, so we’ve had lots of trips down to the beach and quite a few play dates (they’re not weather-dependent of course) but both girls just LOVE playing outside and this week has been perfect for that.

Our one trip to the beach was quite funny. My mom and her dog, the wild  horse labrador Kohl, came along. It really was the most perfect day and there were some people near us playing soccer on the beach. Our dogs ignored them but Kohl kept trying to steal their ball, so my mom and I were a bit distracted. Ava just loves the water and was sitting playing in the very shallow bit, when a small wave came and knocked her over so that she was pretty much underwater momentarily. She was hardly bothered and after a bit of coughing and spluttering went straight back into the water. I have now learnt to always take 2 towels, a spare nappy, baby powder (brilliant for getting rid of sand from little bodies and bums) and a warm change of clothes whenever we go down to the beach. I usually land up using it all but everyone has a ball and I must say that living 5 minutes walk from the beach does mean that there is always (weather-dependent of course) hours of healthy fun to be had at no cost whatsoever and everytime we go down I am very grateful that my husband (the Vaalie) insisted on spending the extra money on buying a house so close to the beach.


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