So, yesterday’s post was pretty heavy and I started this blog as a record/diary of our lives, so I better get back to that and leave the big issues alone for a while.

It is quite a funny thing. I only discovered blogs in the last year or so and never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have my own but the idea grew on me and I’m quite enjoying it all. The other reason I started it was also so that I could learn more about computers in general, so that I can hopefully manage Chris’s website for him. At the moment it is a bit of a mission for him to have his website updated,etc. Now why are some people’s blogs so popular. I guess it’s partly because of who they are, what they are dealing with or experiencing in their life, but ultimately I think it has a lot to do with their writing style and ability. While I always enjoyed writing essays at school, I wasn’t all that brilliant at it. I did get an A in Matric (for English and all 5 other subjects by the way!!) but usually got B’s (for English)and that was mostly because I was good at grammar (have forgotten most of the rules now) and the literature part. I have and probably always will be rather long-winded and I struggle to get to the point or go off on serious tangents. That’s just who I am, it’s the way I speak as well. Hopefully, through regular blogging, I will improve. Okay, so that was yet another tangent.

Back to Ava and her little achievements. Today’s achievement is that she is the very proud owner of a thick lip and red nose. Yes, I spoke too soon about not landing in the ER. We didn’t, but it aint a pretty sight. Chris went for a run this morning and I was with the girls in Zoe’s room. Zoe has a very low bed but also has a flap-down side rail. Ava is able to climb onto Zoe’s bed all by herself. I was about to flap down Zoe’s side rail but then Ava climbed on her bed so I decided to rather leave it up. I was sitting with her on the bed while Zoe was dressing herself. She managed to put her dress on back-to-front so I stood up to go and help her turn it around. As I was doing that Ava stood up against Zoe’s side rail and was rocking it back and forwards (as she has done many times). When I’d started to flap it down I’d obviously clicked the buttons to release it, but then left it up, so you can imagine what happened. The rail flapped down and Ava landed on the wooden floor on her face. There was a bit of blood and lots and lots of crying. I gave her a panamor suppository and she even managed to eat all her breakfast, once she’d calmed down. She was her usual friendly self at church this morning, smiling at everyone but completely obvlious to how bad she looked. Zoe took great pleasure in telling everyone in a loud voice what had happened. Chris has just had to go in to work to see a 1 year old that has lost part of their finger (I think) as a result of it getting slammed/stuck in a door. Chris will presumably try and re-attach it (if possible). While I feel very sorry for this child and their parents it makes me feel a bit better to realise that accidents do happen very easily.


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