Miracle of walking

Of all the milestones in a baby’s development that happen in about the first year, I almost find the drive to walk to be the most miraculous. I remember it so clearly with Zoe, she started taking steps at about a year but only started walking properly at 14 months. I remember asking my mom, “But when will she start walking?” She could obviously take steps or walk fairly long distances if we were holding her hand, but if she fell, then she’d just start crawling again. And then, one day, for no apparent reason, whenever she fell down, instead of crawling, she stood up again and just kept on walking. In my mind a real miracle of evolution.

So, Ava is still in the taking steps phase and she loves to get up (without pulling up on anything) and stand for a while. She’ll actually walk quite far, well, about 10 steps but when she falls down or wants to get somewhere quickly, she’ll still rather crawl at this stage. I am in no hurry for her to walk, it’s just that I’m waiting for that lightbulb moment, when she suddenly decides, okay enough with the crawling I’ll rather walk now.

Oh, Ava’s lip is looking much better and Chris managed to re-attach the other little girl’s finger. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it, could never have been a doctor.


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