I have no clue what to do about the girls in terms of schools. Just when I think I’ve made up my mind, I talk to people about it and someone says something and it feels like we’re back to square one.

I’m finding it really hard, especially since Zoe is only 3 and I really don’t know what her interests or talents are going to be. I’d also like the girls to be at the same school and Ava’s not even a year. I am currently leaning towards Collegiate which is an all-girls school of which I actually attended the high school and was even head girl. It will mean a bit of a drive (about 15-20 minutes) for me but there are quite a lot of other girls going there that live in our area, so hopefully one can make a plan with lift clubs and things. I have a couple of friends whose daughters have just started in the pre-primary and they are very happy there. Being a single sex school it has an enormous variety of sport and cultural activities available. What I was saying to my mom is that when a group of moms were discussing schools the other night, there were quite a few of us that were Collegiate old girls and we are all very different when it comes to what our particular talents were/are. The one girl was extremely sporty, not academic, while I was more academic but still enjoyed sport and yet, we were all very happy there. There are a few options of junior schools that I’m torn between but I definitely want the girls to be at Collegiate High and I think it might be too difficult to make the change from co-ed to single sex at the end of Grade 7. I moved from co-ed to single sex in grade 5 and even struggled and that was way back in the dark ages when children were still children!! I will apply everywhere and then we can make the final decision next year as she’s only due to go there in 2012 for grade 0.

You might be wondering why I’m saying “I” all the time, I mean what about Chris? Well, he does of course have a say and an opinion but I definitely feel much more strongly about the whole education issue. My parents made sure we went to the very best schools available in PE, which they felt were Grey and Collegiate. Chris went to a very big, good school I think (Randburg High) but I don’t think think it was the very best Afrikaans school in Joburg, I wouldn’t know. Single sex schools aren’t that common amongst Afrikaans medium schools either, so for him single-sex schooling is still a bit of a weird concept. Strangely enough, probably the best co-ed high school in PE is about 200m from our house, so if we went the private co-ed junior school route and our little madams refused to go to a single sex high school, there is always another option (and it’s nice and convenient). I just find it so hard to make decisions now that will affect the rest of their lives but seem so premature as they are still so young. I have to say, having babies is really the easy part of having kids. It’s the disciplining, schooling and general bringing up that’s  so darn tough.


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