Got my Football Friday shirt on

And of course it’s freezing cold. I was told by a lady that’s involved in the clothing industry that because they’re being so careful about not having any counterfeit stuff on sale, they’re checking all containers coming into SA very carefully and coupled with the Transnet strike, this has meant a lack of merchandise being available. Not sure if that’s true but Chris went to try and buy a shirt for me last Saturday and the only one he could get was the genuine players one – although he was told it was the ladies cut (?) not sure how that works as I’m pretty sure there aren’t any ladies playing for Bafana Bafana. Anyway, I’ve got it on today, with a vest and long-sleeved black T-shirt underneath as it’s rather chilly. Not exactly sure what goes with bright yellow and green but I thought black would do the trick. Zoe’s painting one at school today. They’ve had yellow T-shirts printed with their names on the back and she chose number 3. The front has got a South African flag with a small soccer ball. Today they are fabric painting the SA flag!! I gave the teacher a quizzical look, as I’m not sure exactly how well a 3 year old should be able to paint, but my one sure can’t stay within the lines and her flag would look seriously dodgy if she was left to do it on her own. I was assured they’d be getting “help”, so poor Jacqui, Steffi and Joyce will have their work cut out for them today. Thank goodness there are only 10 kids and 3 adults in the class! The Health Dept is also coming to give the kids Polio drops and Vit A tablets. It’s a nationwide program which also includes a Measles injection. Zoe is up to date with all her vaccinations (as I’m sure all the other kids in the school are as well) but there was an outbreak of measles in Gauteng I think (reckon all the crazy anti-vaccination parents are to blame for that one) so they are trying to give every child in the country a booster. The injection was supposed to be 2 weeks ago, but and here’s a big surprise, they didn’t pitch because they got lost!! I wasn’t unhappy as I’d rather my child didn’t get any more injections than she really needs. If they couldn’t even find the school, then I’m also quite grateful they didn’t arrive as who knows what else they might have been able to mix up. So the polio drops are the vilest thing I have ever tasted in my life. I had to have them when I started working in the UK and it was seriously the most bitter tasting thing I have ever tasted. Can’t wait to hear what Zoe has to say, but maybe they would’ve got lost again, so I didn’t even warn her about it this time.

So, yet another snippet of World Cup SA style. My parents got a set of those SA flag mirror socks for each of their cars when they were down in Cape Town. My dad was parked in Chapel Street yesterday (think it’s a bit dodge) and his were stolen off his car. The funny thing is that the car guard still asked for his tip! You can just imagine what my dad had to say. Only in SA do you get into the spirit of it all by stealing the available merchandise. I presume whoever was responsible is actually planning to sell it to someone else but still, hope they don’t try and steal too much from the visiting players to sell on as souvenirs. Must still get some socks for our cars, although think we’ll use some cable ties for a bit of extra security. Saw a Mini with them on the other day and it looked really cute, so Chris will be okay but not so sure the Scenic will look quite as trendy, maybe I’ll rather get one of those car flags. Wonder if there are any shops selling them as it least then I know I won’t be buying stolen goods!!


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