I’m sick, nothing too serious, just sinus but still. It started on about Tuesday with a sore throat and now I just want to sneeze all the time and my nose is pouring constantly. I don’t feel too sick, although my throat was fine but is now sore again, think it’s from the post nasal drip. The really sad thing is that Chris and I had planned to do a nice long run this weekend, together. We hardly ever get to run together as that means taking both girls in the pram, which means the pram is rather heavy. Together they weigh 25 kg plus the weight of the pram, so not really conducive for a nice long run. My mom was going to come over at 6.30am and we were going to do a run which took Chris just over 2 hours last weekend. It is one of my old training runs from my marathon running days and by PE standards it has a good few hills and I was so looking forward to doing it again. Seriously gutted. Next weekend is our weekend away, YAY, to Hogsback with very good friends of ours and NO CHILDREN, I cannot wait, but hopefully we’ll be able to fit in a long run. Just hoping the children will behave themselves. Ava has taken to waking at about 5am some mornings and one has to go in and pat her to get her to go back to sleep (I will admit I leave her for a few minutes in the hope that she’ll settle, which she sometimes does but otherwise one must go to her). Well, the idea is to try not pick her up but if I go in to her, she just about climbs out of her cot to get into my arms. Then, once she’s calm I put her down and of course she cries but I pat her bum and she soon stops and then the trick is just to leave the room at the right time. Chris can go in there, not pick her up and he leaves pretty quickly as he refuses to stand there in her room. Sometimes that works perfectly but this morning I went to her as he was fast asleep but, for some unknown reason he then came into her room to “help”. Naturally, when one is trying to get a baby to go back to sleep, one can’t really talk to each other so instead of trying to have a silent argument and try and get him to leave, I left. She started yelling blue murder (I have 2 mommies girls) but did quieten down quite quickly and Chris then left almost immediatly. Obviously, she started yelling as soon as he left her room and I just CANNOT bear to listen to my child crying (Chris can fall asleep). I did wait 5 minutes (to please Chris) and then went to her, didn’t pick her up just rested my hand firmly on her back and within a few minutes she was asleep and I could leave and we all woke up after 7am (a bit late as Chris had to go to work). The thing was, as I was resting my hand on her back, my nose was literally dripping. It was the most awful feeling. I’d try and sniff gently, not wanting to drip snot onto my poor child, and that would make me want to sneeze, clearly not an option so I’d then have to try and fight the need to sneeze (great feeling that is) and lo and behold my nose would start to drip again!!! Fortunately, she did go to sleep quickly and I could go and blow my nose and get back to sleep. We think she’s busy getting some more teeth so hopefully they’ll make their appearance soon and we can get back to waking up at 7am (without any interruptions at 5am).


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