Out of the mouths of babes

This is just a quick one and I think I’ll only be back after the weekend again. We are going to Hogsback with our very good friends, just the adults. I am so excited and would probably be even more so if it wasn’t for the small spanner in the works that is a certain 1 year old’s birthday on Friday. I’m doing a ladybird cake and have cheated a bit by having it in the morning and thereby don’t have to invite (and cater/entertain) all the older siblings that better will be at school in the morning. Zoe will be bunking of course. So, tomorrow is all the shopping, then Thursday is all the baking and Friday is the party. In between I need to also organise our stuff for the weekend (there aren’t any shops in Hogsback but we’re staying at a place that has a restaurant). We’ll eat at the restaurant on Friday night (if I can remember to phone and book), then breakfast/brunch at the monthly market, then braai for supper and no idea about Sunday but don’t think we’ll starve. Must also organise the girls and dogs for their stay at my folks. At some stage I must also go through Ava’s “exact” routine with my mom, not sure when though, but I reckon she’ll manage if I don’t quite get to it. All this must be done and dusted by about 2pm on Friday (party is 10-12am and I hope they all leave to go and fetch their older kids from school at 12!!!) as everyone says the road isn’t great and we should try and get there while it’s still light. Weeks like this I always feel like my brain is bursting and I have loads of lists everywhere. Oh I bet this all makes working moms laugh!!!

So, hopefully photos of a successful party and awesome weekend away will follow next week.

Just to leave you with something adorable that Zoe said yesterday. We told her that Ava had been crying a lot the previous night and had eventually landed up in our bed so her and Chris were discussing all this. He then asked her where Moo and Kohl (her very precious stuffed animals) sleep and was told they all slept together in her bed. For some unexplained reason (they’re pretty much the same size) Moo is a “big boy” of 5 and Kohl is still a baby. Chris then asked her whether it wasn’t time for them to start sleeping in their own beds. She replied very seriously that no, God had sent them to her specially so that she’d have someone to cuddle at night!!! How gorgeous is that.


2 Responses to “Out of the mouths of babes”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Didn’t know you had started a blog! Will definitely be following your journey. Have a great weekend my friend.

    • zamom Says:

      I can’t promise anything very witty or exciting but thought it’d be fun to look back when the girls are bigger, as they grow up so quickly and forgets so quickly!!

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