The tooth fairy

Ava slept like a dream till 5.20am and then when she cried I rushed in, gave her her taglet and she went back to sleep straight away and woke at 7am. Think we may go with that option as opposed to the leaving to cry for 5 minutes first (and obviously wake herself up totally). A top tooth and possibly a bottom tooth seems to have finally cut through, so perhaps that’s what all the fuss was about. Only time will tell.

The lady that I fought so hard with the medical aid to get them to authorise her breast reconstruction had her op today and it went well. She did start to cry when Chris told her that they’d finally approved the op, so that did make all my hard work and frustration worth it. Just thought I’d mention that Chris would’ve actually done exactly the same op at the government hospital, if they hadn’t have approved it, but the government will only pay for a certain number of breast reconstructions a year so it means an extra person (that doesn’t have medical aid) can now have a breast reconstruction. I feel this is only right as who knows how many thousands of rands this lady  has paid out in premiums over the years.

One last thing. I really need a new car. I have a Renault Scenic (1.9 diesel) that has 110 000km on the clock. Every flipping 10 000km it must go for a service and Renault services are just astronomical, as they seem to find such a lot of things wrong and my car was drively brilliantly. They wanted to replace the wiper blades (like I need those in PE and I hadn’t noticed a problem) for R500 – I said no. But then it was rear brake pads or shoes or something and the gear box mounting which I thought sounded essential, so said yes to those. That will be R1700, never mind the service and Vat and as I said, the car was driving perfectly. I presume a new car will cost a bit more but at least it won’t make me so mad. We’re thinking at a Charcoal 4X4 Toyota Fortuner – can’t quite believe it as I always said I’d never have a big car. I have a very good friend that has one and absolutely loves and says that I must test drive hers as I’m always too scared to test drive cars at the dealers. Chris would love a Toyota Land Cruiser but I seriously threw my toys about that big monster. Besides the fact that he would never pay off a car and he fortunately can’t afford to pay cash for a Land Cruiser. Thank goodness.


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