Party preparations

All has gone well. Cake baked and iced, cup cakes baked and iced, brownies made, lemon meringue made, mom bringing milk tart and then the savoury for the moms is that I’m making bacon, lettuce, tomato and avo on granary rolls. Some will be without avo and perhaps some plain cheese and tomato in case. Because the kiddies are so little it’s just a packet of flings, a fruit juice, some mini grated biltong sandwiches, fruit (raspberries, grapes and small pieces of Woolies soft dried apricot), mini cheddars and a red and white polka dot balloon with a small box of smarties tied to the bottom of the string to take home (more than likely for their older sibling to enjoy I think).

The only glitch which could have been disastrous but was okay was that I’d accidently bought dark green food colouring (the powdered variety) instead of black. I was going up to the baking shop anyway to return the soccer ball tin I’d borrowed and fortunately for some reason mixed up the icing before dropping the girls at my mom’s. I’d only planned to ice the cake this evening, so would’ve probably only discovered my mistake then and that would have been disastrous. Some little angel was looking after me today as the only reason I mixed up the icing was that I wanted to use my Kenwood mixer in the hope that the noise would wake Ava up (it never does so not sure why I even tried)!!!

So here’s the cake without the green coconut grass around (will do that in the morning).

Still needs the "grass" but I ran out of foil

This photo I just have to show you. Last Friday was quite cold and we spent the afternoon playing indoors. Ava’s old clothes are in a box at the bottom of her cupboard and Zoe often fetches some of them to use as clothes for her dolls. For some reason she decided to put one of Ava’s old rompers (I think that’s what you call them) on. Now, this is an item that Ava has outgrown and yet 3 year old Zoe put it on. Oh my goodness did we have a good laugh.

The "play room" in all it's glory.

My brain is still spinning with all that must still be done before we leave for Hogsback. Pack for the girls, us(clothes and some food), take the dogs to my folks, make the rolls and sandwiches, get everything set up for the party. Ahh I just cannot wait until we arrive in Hogsback and we’re sitting happily with our friends at the restaurant at The Edge. No idea yet how to put links into a post, must learn how to do that soon.

Don’t want to jinx things but Ava has been sleeping like an absolute dream, just hope she does the same for my parents.


4 Responses to “Party preparations”

  1. Bratty Says:

    Enjoy the party and weekend away….Well deserved break after all that baking.

  2. darylfaure Says:

    The cake is beautiful!!!!! I am so impressed.

    Hope the party was lots of fun and your weekend is a nice romantic getaway.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Hi Kate, loved reading some of your posts – can see why you get hooked on blogging. Keep it up. Thanks for arranging an awesome weekend away, can;t wait for the next one. Our turn to plan, Love Michelle

  4. Denise Says:

    Wow, amazing cake!

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