The weekend

Well it’s all back to reality today. The party went very well, it was nice to just have a few little ones, although it was a little chilly so we couldn’t spend too much time outdoors. Probably Murphy’s Law because I’d gone to the trouble of replacing all the sand in the sandpit. When we first got the jungle gym and sand pit, Chris went to get sand for it but came back with building sand. It was really awful as although it was clean, it was very brown and not nice to play with as it was too fine and the kids were always filthy. I managed to track down some of the lovely, clean white sand and got 5 bags of it on Thursday. It’s incredible how heavy sand is, as I thought I’d help Chris out by taking it out of my car and wheeling it to the back garden in the wheelbarrow. Well, I just managed to get 1 bag out of the boot and that nearly killed me, so he had the very unenviable task of gettting the other 4 bags out of the car and into the sandpit (as well as removing quite a lot of the brown sand that was still in the sandpit). Towards the end of the party, it was much warmer and they did all go outside and played on the jungle gym, trampoline and in the sandpit. I don’t think Ava had any clue what the party was all about but she had lots of fun, especially when her sister gave her one of the ladybug cupcakes and she smeared it everywhere.

Opening presents

The little ladybug on her birthday

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Note the very red icing all over her hands

Tim doing the Labyrinth in Hogsback

Michelle and I at the "Edge"

Our weekend in Hogsback was lovely but felt very short. It’s quite a drive from PE actually, took us about 3 hours so we only got there in the dark at about 6pm. We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant at The Edge and then sat chatting by the fire back at our cottage. On Saturday morning we went for a lovely run through the forest down into town and then back up to our cottage. It was beautiful through the forest although one could definitely feel the change in altitude when we were running back up the hill. We then went and had breakfast at the market, which I have to say was very small if you’re expecting something like the usual farmers’ market. The rest of our stay was extremely leisurely – an afternoon nap, bit of a wander around the labyrinth and gardens, some rugby, early braai and lots more chatting. We had big plans to go for another forest walk on Sunday but ended up sleeping late and reading in bed till about 9am!!! The girls were absolutely angelic with my folks and we didn’t seem to be missed at all, so they’ve been invited back again!!! We have slowly started to plan our ski trip for next year so thank goodness the baby sitting is at least sorted.


5 Responses to “The weekend”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    The party looks like a lot of fun, and little Ava is gorgeous.
    I’m so glad you had such a nice weekend away. I am so ready to leave Dylan, but Dad is just not ready for that yet, so I guess we have to wait a bit for a weekend away.

    • zamom Says:

      Thanks.I must say it isn’t easy leaving them, I missed them unbelievably, so still not sure how I’ll manage 10 days when we go skiing. It’s easier to leave Zoe as one can explain what’s happening and speak to her on the phone.

  2. bratty37 Says:

    Sounds like all went according to plan…and you got a nice relaxing weekend away…awesome

  3. myjamjar Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! Glad u had a nice time! Teh edge is beautiful hey!!!

  4. zamom Says:

    Thanks so much for reccommending it, it was stunning. Enjoy Christmas in July, we’ll have to join you next year for that.

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