Chris had quite a few cosmetic ops lined up for today, so he actually put in a day’s leave from his government job. I thought it was Zoe’s last swimming lesson today which means that visitors are welcome to come and watch. Chris used to take Zoe swimming, when she still did lessons with a parent in the pool with her. As from the start of this term though, she has started to swim in a small group of 4/5 children and the teacher and we don’t watch her except for the last 5 minutes of the lesson. She goes twice a week and my mom and I take her alternately so Chris hasn’t seen her swim for ages. He actually had a break between his morning and afternoon lists and was all set to come and watch. Zoe was very excited that he was going to be there but then a trauma case cropped up and it was going to be very touch and go if he was going to make it. I then asked Zoe if it was okay if Nana came and watched but she said that she wanted Grandpa there. My dad is always hectically busy at work but I phoned him anyway and he said he’d definitely be there. As we arrive at swimming, there is my dad and Chris both waiting for us. Zoe was beside herself with excitement. Only problem, it wasn’t the last lesson and so not visitors day!!!! Bummer, I felt so bad as somehow between my mom and I, we got it a bit mixed up. They did let them watch, although it is rather distracting for the children. Zoe is doing very well but she is very much in her own little world and doesn’t seem to focus very well – definitely doesn’t get that from me!!!! Her “crawl”/freestyle wasn’t great but she swam a whole width of breast stroke on her own. Quite scary how quickly they grow up and become independent.


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