Two’s company

For a very,very short while I was leaning towards posssibly thinking about another baby but I’m back to thinking no more. More often than not Chris puts Ava to bed and I do Zoe but sometimes we swap and I will admit that I struggle to put her down. Let me explain, she has her bottle sitting with us in the rocking chair, playing gently with her taglet and once she’s finished her milk it’s into bed. Neither of my girls ever held their bottles as babies – both like to play with their taglets while we hold the bottle. It really doesn’t bother me as I am very against giving a child a bottle in their cot because of the ear problems and bad habits it can lead to. Also easy for me to say as I’ve never had a child wake up before 6am for a bottle after the age of 6 months. Getting back to the whole point. Once she’s finished her milk I absolutely love to just sit and hold her as she plays with her taglet. It almost kills me to stand up, put her down and walk away, just wish I could hold her like that forever. That is, however, not any sort of reason to have another baby. I love the age Zoe is now, with an imagination second to none and the fact that she can communicate so well and is starting to entertain herself and getting more independent. One can really start to have fun with them as they start to get bigger so I can’t say that I miss Zoe as a baby and I look forward to Ava becoming more of a person.  I like where my life is now and when I see a baby or hear about someone falling pregnant I in no way wish that the baby was mine or that it was me that has just fallen pregnant. My pregnancy with Ava was pretty awful in terms of nausea alone and I have no desire to ever feel like I did for 9 months ever again. It would also be a bit much to expect my folks to look after 3 children (and 2 dogs) if Chris and I want to go away somewhere. Once the children are a little bit older we’ll obviously take them with us on overseas holidays (we’ll have to see how many there’ll be!) but at this stage I really don’t think taking an 18 month old and a 4 year old skiing makes a whole lot of sense. If we lived overseas and it was cheap and close-by then maybe, but for now we’ll wait till Ava’s a little older and their first overseas holiday will hopefully be to visit my brother and his family in the USA.

I realised again yesterday just how lucky I am that Chris works the hours he does. As he was driving home at 5pm, he was called to go the hospital tosee  some very sick Burn patient and then only got back at about 6pm. Not even late I know and maybe it was the cold weather that meant we couldn’t go for a walk (as we usually do) but the late afternoon did feel very long and I did feel very sorry for all the moms out there whose husbands usually come home at that time or even later. I also think it will get better as Ava gets a bit older and the 2 girls can start to play nicely (hopefully not fight all the time) together.

I am very excited about the World Cup and am very glad that we landed up buying tickets to so many of the games (must still buy some ear plaugs I think). The one very frustrating thing is that they’ve closed the road to the airport for the entire duration of the World Cup. Summerstrand is a little isolated from the rest of PE and we don’t have many shops here (small Pick ‘n Pay and Spar and few other small shops) but one does land up having to drive elsewhere to Woolies, any big shopping centre and for a lot of other stuff. The closest area is probably Walmer and the easiest way to get there is past the airport, but now the blinking road is closed and we must do a bit of a detour. If you’re a VIP you can obviously go that way. Most of the tourists will be staying in Summerstrand as this is where all the hotels are, so I’m rather puzzled. They also spent a huge amount of money re-doing all the flower beds along the road that is now closed. I know the VIP’s will see it, but what about everyone else. I know quite a few people that have family coming out to see the World Cup but they are obviously not VIP’s or part of any special tour group, so they all get to drive the boring, not very attractive detour. There are now traffic police permanently stationed at the barriers (closing off either end of the road) doing precious little in my opinion. Why must it be closed all the time, surely they know when the teams will be arriving and one can just close it then. I think I’ll be back to doing my Woolies shopping online.

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