Blogging might need to take a backseat

Well, first day of holiday (although not for us yet as Zoe doesn’t go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays). But I don’t think I’m going to get much time for blogging. Had 2 friends and their kids over this afternoon and then the fun and games start tomorrow. I CANNOT WAIT, it is sooo exciting, just hope we don’t lose 10 -0 or something. Perhaps that’s why they had the big street parade yesterday as they’re not really expecting much from the team!! Chris said the sisters at work are devastated that he has theatre cases booked IN THE MORNING as they wanted to go home to watch the soccer which starts at 4pm!!! Only in SA, and this is PE so it won’t take them long to get home??? Mel (my sister-in-law) and Lara (my niece) arrive from Cape Town tomorrow and Zoe is beside herself with excitement. They absolutely adore each other so at least 10 days of the holidays will be sorted entertainment-wise. Zoe also loves bus trips, so we’re thinking of doing a trip from Kings Beach (a World Cup Park and Ride) to the Fan Fest at St Georges Park over the weekend. I also see that they’re putting up a Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel) at the entrance of the Board Walk so that should be fun. I heard Cape Town has a “London Eye”, at least we have a Ferris Wheel and the queues probably won’t be too long!!! I’d just love to know how much work is going to be done in SA over the next month. I do remember being in the UK while a Soccer World Cup was on and remember that nothing much in the way of work happened when any England games were on. I’ll have to take a photo of us all in our shirts tomorrow. Even Ava has one, rather on the big side (3-4 years). We’re going to my parents to watch it with all the family and then Zoe is going to spend the night, sharing with Lara for the first time. Lara’s not a great sleeper but hopefully it’ll go okay and they can do it more often.

I honestly have never felt this way about any sporting event before and I can’t quite believe it, it’s really a magical time to be living in SA.


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