Sorry no photo…yet

Hopefully we’ll manage later but there was a washing crisis this morning. Took Zoe’s shirt out the cupboard this morning only to see that the Milo (yes, she’s discovered Milo thanks to Grandpa) stains were still on her shirt. So, she’s wearing Ava’s shirt (which will be way too big for her anyway) and hopefully Vanish and Sunlight will do their thing on the stains. Chris always has to leave early on a Friday as he has a theatre list.

Now, for a very exciting account of the first (and hopefully last) bit of apalling service we have received since arriving in PE. We have a bit of a parking area on one side of our front garden and their is an electric sliding gate in front of it. We hardly ever use it as it isn’t in front of the garage. The gate stopped working and so I phoned someone to come and fix it. I stupidly said that it wasn’t urgent, BIG MISTAKE. It took about a week before they even arrived and only after I phoned again to find out whether they were ever going to come. So, Dale arrives and fiddles around for ages trying to sort it out but some of the screws have corroded and I think all that he did was spray loads of Q20. He then says he’ll be back the next day. Another week passes and I phone to find out where they are. Lots of apologies as according to them, Dave thought Dale had finished the job and vice versa. So, Dale pitches up and removes the PC board (not before he’s accused us of removing the battery).  I told him that we have no key to open the motor and there’s no way we removed the battery. He tells me he’s just going to the supplier and he’ll be right back. 2 more days pass, so I phone again. Get told they were wanting to come the previous afternoon but then ran out of time (and yes, Dale did take the battery out sorry but in the weeks of time that have elapsed he’d obviously forgotten that). Oh, and what do you know, that day it happened to be raining so they couldn’t possibly come and fix it in the rain – it rained for a small part of the morning, that was it. The next day, no rain but of course no one pitched. Phoned again this morning and was told it would be done by 10am. 10am came and went so I then got Chris to phone. Well, what do you know, they have just arrived (with a plastic sheet as it’s drizzling) at 11am. The most frustrating thing is that this is a very small job, I am aware of that but, our garage door needs some things adjusted and we are about to put up a new front wall that will include a sliding gate in front of the garage and an intercom system from the pedestrian gate to the front door. Will I phone Muster Garge doors or whatever their name is, obviously not, and I’ll tell everyone I know in PE ( and it’s a small place, very big on word of mouth) how useless they’ve been.


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