Enjoying the Vibe

Lara in mid-fall

A very blurry action shot

What a weekend it’s been. I must say I wasn’t very hopeful after watching the first few minutes of the SA game on Friday. Couldn’t believe it when they scored and such a pity they didn’t win but at least they didn’t lose. Have to wait and see what happens on Wednesday. Zoe and Lara had an absolute ball playing while we watched the soccer. These aren’t great photos but illustrates quite well just how much they enjoyed being able to spend time together. They were playing with the carrycot that all 3 girls have slept in as babies and Ava was enjoying climbing in and out of it, just as much as Zoe and Lara. Can’t quite believe that this time last year she was sleeping in it and now she’s playing with it. Officially it is the dolls’ bed which is why it was out!

Saturday was a stunning day and although it was very tempting to stay in bed, I did go for a nice long run and as is always the case, was really glad that I did. We took all the girls (Lara, my niece as well as our 2) for a ride on the Big Wheel – 23 metres high. It was so awesome as we went round loads of times and stopped right at the top. Not easy to take photos when one has 3 young children dangling in an open “carriage” but this is what I managed to get.

View towards Millers

View towards Kings Beach

The Pier with all the countries' flags

Not a great one of Zoe but if you look very closely you can see one of Ava's 6 teeth that are busy popping out.

The Board Walk

We also went to the Fan Park at St Georges Park. we were hoping to go by bus but decided to go, just as the Greece vs Korea game was ending, so all the buses were ferrying people back from the stadium to the various park and rides. we instead went by “Black” Taxi – a brand spanking new one and the girls seemed impressed. They had a wonderful time running around on the amazing grass of St Georges Cricket ground and we watched the start of the Argentina vs Nigeria match on the big screen. At least I think we’ve done our bit to give them a feel for the whole vibe.

Today was Chris’s turn to do a long run and he did one with lots of hills and it took just over 2 hours and he says that he feels good so hopefully that means that this time his Knysna Marathon will go well. The last time he did the full one, it put him off running for a few years!! The weather wasn’t great today but we took the girls to the Seal show (dolphins now live in Hong Kong much to Zoe’s distress) and the Museum. The Oceanarium isn’t a patch on the Cape Town Aquarium but they all had a ball, even our striped banana in her pyjamas tracksuit!!

This time next week Chris will be on his way to Istanbul for a week, I hope he has fun but it will be quite a long week for me, given that it’s school holidays as well.

In kiddie news, Ava is walking a lot now, still rather wobbly but she’s loving it. She’s also cutting about 6 teeth at once and doesn’t seem bothered at all. Fortunately our sleep issues from a week or so ago are a very distant memory. Hope I haven’t spoken too soon. I’ve also discovered another great thing about having a blog. I am absolutely apalling about updating the girls’ baby books.i.e. first words – what and when, teeth -when, and other general milestones. I was thinking last night that I really must fill in some of Ava’s stuff as quite a lot has happened recently. At least now I just have to look up on here and hopefully find the answers to all the questions. I know I’m biased but Ava is quite possibly the happiest baby I’ve ever met. She is a real joy to know and love, I am very blessed with my 2 little angels.


One Response to “Enjoying the Vibe”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. So glad to hear the girls are doing so well, especially little Ava. Cold,wet and miserable in Cape Town today, but Dylan and I both doing well in spite of the weather. He is bust cutting a molar and has a horrid blue gum on the one side, but it doesn’t seem to worry him too much, other than the fact that he is eternally biting me in a quest to relieve the soreness. At least this weekend, Doug got a couple of yomps from the little sausage too. Not fair that I get all the fun.
    Hope your week without Chris is alright and you manage to keep the girls entertained.

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