It’s cold today. Monday is a running day for me. I didn’t go this morning because Chris said that he wouldn’t be too late this afternoon. Unfortunately, his main computer at work had to have some problem sorted out and he had a whole lot of appointments that he didn’t realise he had. This morning was actually still quite pleasant and Zoe even went to horse riding, so I could easily have gone when Joyce arrived. By the time Chris got home it was about 16h45, cold, windy and raining. I could’ve still gone for a run  but I chickened out, so now I’ll have to go tomorrow and I don’t think the weather prediction is any better. Zoe and Lara baked cupcakes this afternoon.  It felt a bit like I was doing a cookery program for TV as I weighed/measured out all the ingredients and halved each item into a separate container before Lara and Mel arrived. They are both in a “Me first”/”Mine” phase (this phase seems to last for an awfully long time), so I’ve learnt from experience that that’s the way to do it. When it came to the icing and decorating, OMW. I had smarties and jelly tots and most went via their mouths (and were swallowed) and a very few went via their mouths onto the cupcake and even less went straight from the plate onto the cupcake. The trick is to get them to decorate one and then go and eat it while you quickly decorate as many as you can while they’re busy eating. They did have lots of fun and then Zoe went off to spend the night at my folks again tonight. Lara slept till 3pm this afternoon (Zoe not all these days) so who knows what time she’ll want to go to bed and Zoe usually crashes at 7pm, so think I’ll have an exhausted chicken on my hands tomorrow. When Zoe slept there on Friday night, Lara started crying in the night and my mom went through to their room. When she got there, Zoe was sitting up in bed saying, “It’s okay, Lara, don’t worry, it’s okay”. So sweet. Tonight, when we phoned to say good night she proudly told me she’d eaten all her supper – green beans, butternut and cottage pie – pretty impressive, particularly the beans and considering the amount of cupcake mixture, icing, sweets and cupcake that was consumed this afternoon. Lara can be a fairly difficult customer so I think Zoe just likes being the goody-two-shoes as she was very quick to tell me that Lara wouldn’t brush her teeth or eat her supper. We’re hoping Zoe will have a good influence on Lara (in the sleeping department), let’s just hope it doesn’t work the other way around. One more funny thing that Zoe did – I got her a torch to keep next to her bed so that she can hopefully start going to the toilet all by herself at night and not call (and wake) us. Pretty soon after she’d gone to bed last night I happened to be in the kitchen, which is next to the bathroom she uses, and I see her going to the toilet with her torch held right up against her eyes. She thought you had to look through the light of the torch to be able to see, instead of shining it in front of you. What a funny bunny.


One Response to “Cold”

  1. adesolaf Says:


    Started reading your blog and I’m busy doing catch up. I usually like to do that before I make a comment, but this post was hilarious. I am still in stitches laughing about your daughter putting the torch to her eyes: kids do the darndest things:-) 🙂 :-). I’m sure if I were not in the office, I will be ROFTL (Rolling on the floor laughing)

    And even though you don’t think so, you do write very beautifully.

    You officially have a new follower….

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