So tempting

There is ankle-deep snow at the house on my uncle’s farm outside of Graaff-Reinet. I am sooo tempted to take the girls. Chris finishes earlyish today and tomorrow is a holiday BUT it will obviously be freezing cold and the roads might even be closed so guess it’s not the best idea. Makes me think back to a weekend many,many years ago. We were all in high school and it had rained all night in PE. All our sport for the Saturday morning was cancelled and my aunt phoned to say there was snow at the farm. My cousin was studying in PE at the time and we all piled in the car and off we went. We were convinced the rain had washed all the snow away as we drove past loads of melting snow but as we got out of Graaff-Reinet and started driving up the pass (Van Reyneke I think it is) the rain turned to snow and an amazing white world greeted us. We had the most memorable weekend as the snow was really thick. The other problem with going up to the farm today is that my aunt and uncle live in town now as they are sort-of retired. My cousin still runs the farm but he lives in Maritzburg, so my uncle goes up a few times a week and they have reliable staff on the farm. That means that the house isn’t always ready for unexpected visitors and my uncle has recently been in hospital with a suspected heart attack, so not the best of times to descend on them. Oh well, another time I hope. Hear there’s snow on Table Mountain, hope the foreigners packed a few winter woolies and didn’t just expect Sunny South Africa!!

It is colder and rainier here today (than yesterday) and I’m very proud to say that I went for a run! I wore all my running stuff from my UK running days – tights, Helly Hansen,rain jacket, gloves and ear warmer headband. I did get a bit hot as I chose a good time to go as the sun came out for a bit and it didn’t actually rain. Ran past the hotel where the Portugese team are staying and there semed to be great excitement. Not sure where Ivory Coast are staying but don’t think they have quite the same attraction or following. After the weeks and weeks of incredible weather we had, it is so sad that now that the soccer and all the visitors are here, it is so cold and rainy. We really need the rain and to hear about the snow on the farm is awesome, but the timing could’ve been a touch better. I am also very relieved the we didn’t ever get tickets to see today’s match, just hope Friday will be a bit better for Chris and Mel.

Toay was the day that Ava was supposed to start having only one sleep. I even let her sleep until she woke up herself this morning (about 7.15am vs usual 7am waking up time). I finished showering and getting dressed at 9.20am (after my run remember) and Joyce brought Ava to me, saying that she was busy trying to sleep on the floor!!! That’s her usual going to sleep time, so surprise, surprise she was put to bed and won’t be making it through till almost 12pm. Zoe is still at my mom’s with Lara, so it does give me a few moments to myself.


2 Responses to “So tempting”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Good on you for going running even in the cold wet weather!

    Isn’t Ava still a bit young to be having only one sleep a day? Dylan is definitely on 2 – tried one at one stage as I thought he could cope. Put him to bed at 5:30 and then he slept until 7 and then was wide awake for the next three hours. He thought that was his second nap. Needless to say we have not repeated that exercise again, and he is now finally in quite a nice day sleep routine.

    • zamom Says:

      Zoe moved to one sleep when she was just over a year. She would sleep from 11am till at least 1pm or after and then would make it through quite easily to bedtime at 7pm. On Sundays Ava usually only does 1 sleep as church is 9-10am, so we usually keep her up till as close to 12 as possible and she does fine but I don’t think she’s ready to do that every day yet.

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