How the wheel turns

When we first arrived in PE, what I missed most about Cape Town were all our friends and our house. We had a really lovely home in Pinelands, with a lovely garden (that was non-existent when we moved in in Jan 2005) and we had renovated it to suit our taste and needs. Pinelands is a lovely suburb, in my opinion, not the trendiest but lovely big plots, wide streets, a community atmosphere, lots of parks with playground equipment,path for walking/running/cycling all along the canal that runs through it, pretty central for getting to both the southern and northern suburbs, a shopping centre with a Pick ‘n Pay, Woolies, Clicks, Mica – all the basics (nothing trendy but one has to leave Pinelands at some point). It was also really quick and easy for Chris to get to Tygerberg, which meant that he didn’t ever have to stay at the hospital when he was on call. I could go on and on but I’ll stop there.

Although Summerstrand (where we live now) is near the sea and is where my folks live, I took a while to adjust to living here and when we first arrived we rented for a while and rental houses are never great. I also missed my friends (and family in Cape Town) terribly. We had a lovely home/cell group, I was part of a great book club and a lot of our Varsity friends were all still living in Cape Town. Add to that a new baby, Chris starting out in a new job and a private practice and it made for a very tough year.

Last night friends of ours from Cape Town popped in for the evening. Now, quite a few of us all left at the same time so she mentioned that they need to recruit members for both the book club and the home group. Getting new people in is always a good thing but it did get me thinking about how my life has changed. I’ve joined a book club here and we’ve got a new home group going with a really great bunch of people. I’m loving being part of our church and I’ve made so many new friends and got re-aquainted with old ones that it’s actually hard to see everyone as much as I’d like to. I am really happy, I’m at last loving our new house and staying near the beach is awesome. Having to drive so far to Woolies is a pain but that’s really a minor inconvenience. I still miss my friends in Cape Town but I’m glad we moved here, there’s not much about our life here that I would change. I just love, love, love my runs along the beach every other day or so and when the weather is cold like it is now and there aren’t many people on the beach, to see our dogs charging along the beach and into the surf with no one else in sight is truly a beautiful thing to see.

I am a bit sad about the soccer. Because our friends were here I was chatting a lot and didn’t watch the game that closely but it’s a bit disappointing that the Uruguay player was actually off-side and the whole incident shouldn’t even have happened. That’s life I suppose and at some point one’s luck must run out. I will admit that I never really expected us to get through to the next round but after Friday’s game, I started to get very hopeful. I really think the fact that our group is so tough is probably the biggest issue. I mean some groups have teams like Honduras and Chile in them, neither of which have qualified for years, why couldn’t we just have had one other weaker team in our group? We’ll see what happens between Mexico and France before I completely lose all hope but I can’t really see France drawing again and then losing to us.


One Response to “How the wheel turns”

  1. Denise Says:

    sounds like you’re settling in beautifully! it always takes a while to find your feet in a new town.

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