Bit sad

This morning Chris said to me that there were 3 things he was very sad about. Firstly that I wasn’t going with him to the Germany vs Serbia game. We gave my ticket to my sister-in-law as she wasn’t going to any of the games and I”m not regretting that decision at all, it’s just that it would’ve been nice to go together. Chris is missing 2 of the games because of his trip to Istanbul, so now we’ll only get to go to one game together. We have friends visiting so it is better that I’m not going as we already have a party on tomorrow morning.

Then he said that he’s also sad that we can’t run together more often and thirdly he’s sad that I’m not going along to Istanbul. I’m not that bothered about Istanbul as he’s going to be reasonably busy at the conference but it would be nice to go somewhere warm for a week and I will miss him terribly. I also haven’t been overseas since we got back from the UK in 2004 and am really looking forward to our ski trip next year. My folks are going to visit my brother and family in the uSA at the end of the year, so I’m planning to send my mom armed with dollars to buy lots of clothes for the girls.

So PE is swarming with very happy Germans (and a few Serbians) all on their way to the game that starts at 13.30 and I’m feeling a bit down I have to say as I should have been on my way to my first World Cup game…


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