Well, yesterday was Father’s Day and we had a pretty good day. Chris is not big on presents AT ALL, a bit frustrating but this year I listened to his, “I only want a hug,” and that’s what he got. Felt a bit bad but it is what he asked for after all. We did go for a lovely breakfast at a new restaurant that’s near the Pier and has a gorgeous view over the sea. My parents, sister-in-law and niece also came with and the food was superb. Chris and Mel had a wonderful time at the soccer on Friday and they even got a bit hot sitting in the sun, so that was maybe a kind-of Father’s Day present?? At 13.25 on Sunday Chris did actually get his Father’s Day present as he got to climb on an aeroplane and go to Turkey for a week. Officially he is going to be at a conference but I don’t think they’ll be too busy and they have a few touristy things planned. Ava has got a rather nasty cold and I was a bit worried that she’d keep me up last night but the little super star went down at 7pm last night and only woke after 7am this morning. My mom is staying with me at night and we are also going to 2 soccer games this week (England vs Slovenia) and then a last 16 match on Saturday. The England game will hopefully be really good as it is such an important game for them. Joyce will be babysitting, so I hope Ava feels better soon and behaves herself. She absolutely adores Joyce and is usually far better behaved for her so I’m not really worried. Today Zoe had horse riding and she is really riding so well, trotting brilliantly and generally looking very relaxed on the horse. It is a stunningly warm day here and PE is a sea of red as Chile and Switzerland are playing here later today. I met quite a few tourists on my run this morning, including 2 Swiss guys that were running on the beach. The tide was just right for running on the beach, so the dogs were very happy. Not sure what the fairly rule-conscious Swiss thought of 2 dogs running on the beach but they greeted me warmly enough. I did also wonder to myself what they thought of going for a run, on the beach, in shorts and a T-shirt, in the middle of winter (today’s temp is supposed to be 24!!!).

Am also hoping that in between their conferencing and sightseeing (and hopefully shopping) that Chris and Tim can pinpoint a time and place for our ski trip so that we can begin to plan and book things before it gets too late – it’s not actually easy to take leave if you’re a doctor working for yourself. Sounds strange but you can’t really do lots of big operations just before you leave, just in case something goes wrong and you need to operate on the patient again. This means that one needs to plan pretty far in advance when one is going to be away and you know how life is these days, before you know it, it’s a few more months down the line and January is just around the corner.


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