Resisting children

There’s something I’m starting to find very difficult. Because I’m at home with the girls, they often come with me to the shops. Food shopping is fine, I don’t buy them stuff unless it’s something healthy (and not directly after or before a meal) BUT if I ever have to go to a toy shop to buy something for one of the seemingly hundreds of parties they get invited to or go to a Woolies that has clothes, I always land up buying something for them. Poor Ava doesn’t usually get anything (fortunately can’t ask yet) but Zoe and funnily enough, Chris, always land up with something. As an example, when Lara was here she had a lovely pair of red boots. Zoe actually doesn’t have so many pairs of shoes as she prefers to be barefoot and her feet grow so quickly that quite a lot of her shoes are getting too small anyway. So, first of all I bought her some gorgeous purple boots from Green Cross as I find their shoes are way superior to Woolies in terms of quality. They have red and orange flowers on them. We then went into Woolies and she spotted a lovely purple dress. Next to it, was a denim one which I prefered, so I landed up buying both for her. Now she doesn’t in fact have any winter dresses and she is just getting into dresses so I can justify the purchases completely. Chris got a nice pair of trendy winter trousers and a shirt. Don’t forget he didn’t get anything for Father’s Day, so yet again I can justify the purchase. My problem with it all is that I’m so terrified of spoiling my girls and not teaching them the value of money. What do you do when you do have enough money that you don’t ever have to think about it? It’s a fairly new concept to me as Chris has only been earning a lot more in the last year or so. I know that some people can’t take their children shopping with them (as they run wild)but with me that isn’t an issue and they seem to have loads of fun. Oh boy, I presume the clothes aren’t actually a problem as it’s not like I’m buying loads of unnecessary boutique stuff but I really, really must stop taking Zoe into toy shops. My mom took Lara to a toy shop yesterday and she said that she didn’t even touch one single thing – just commented on how many toys there were!!  She turned 2 at the beginning of April, so perhaps that’s why, but both Zoe and Ava take vast numbers of stuff off the shelves and play with it and I always land up buying them something as well. Perhaps another issue with the toys is the very fact that I’m at home with them and so I like to play with new stuff as well, so not only is the toy for them but in a small way it’s for my benefit as well. I’ve definitely noticed that the children of stay at home moms have far more toys than the one’s who are left with a nanny or go to a creche and perhaps that’s why. If you can get past the first few months, then in my opinion the first year or so of a child’s life is definitely the easy bit, so if that’s where you find yourself now, enjoy it.

Zoe sporting her new boots and one of the dresses

Bafana Bafana pretty much have little hope, but you never know, so here are my 2 soccer fans, one of which I am missing very,very much.


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