Sooo excited

This afternoon I’m going to my first World Cup soccer game. It is in fact the first soccer match that I’ve ever attended. I am very excited and will tell you all about it later. It is a beautiful day here today, although there is a bit of a breeze that I hope doesn’t get any stronger. While running this morning I got a taste of what’s to come later. PE beachfront was awash with English fans all dressed up and getting excited. There were loads of camera crews around as well and the vibe was just awesome. England are staying at the Marine Hotel while they’re here. Last night my mom had friends over for dinner. Their son and daughter-in-law live in Dallas and they’ve come out especially for a month to see the World Cup. She (the wife) is American and is a high school hockey and soccer coach and a Phys Ed teacher and is soccer mad. She is in fact supporting England at this World Cup and even shouted for England when they played the USA. My parent’s friends literally stay about 100m from the Marine Hotel and they (the son and daughter-in-law) waited for the arrival of the England team at the hotel along with a whole lot of media people. When they did finally arrive they parked the bus across the entrance in such a way that one couldn’t see the players at all!!! They were very disappointed. It got me thinking about how little the players are actually seeing of South Africa and it made me feel a bit sad. Johan (the son of the friends) was recounting a story of when he was young and the West Indies were here on a rebel cricket tour. They happened to see one of the West Indian players buying underwear in Woolies and he went up to him and got his autograph!! Just imagine that, Ronaldo walking around Woolies underwear department. Another friend of ours works for the Muncipality and has to be at the stadium for pretty much the whole day on any of the match days. He was telling us about how they were all (every single person – security, catering, staff, cleaner, you name it) forced to leave the stadium when Ronaldo was practising before Portugal’s game. I mean imagine being so full of yourself or thinking that you are so important that no one is even allowed to watch you practice. I know these guys are brilliant and have loads of pressure on them and security issues,etc. but honestly that’s just a bit much.

I so enjoyed watching Bafana’s match yesterday. It would have been awesome if we’d made it through but that wasn’t ever really going to happen. Who would have thought that we’d have beaten France though. I realise they had 10 players for most of the game and loads of other issues but still, they did win the World Cup 8 years ago.

Okay, so I better start getting ready. It’ll also be nice to have a bit of a break from the girls as a week as a single parent does get a bit much after a while. My patience is definitely not what it should be. Last evening I was just busy with something for 2 minutes and I thought Zoe and Ava were playing nicely in Zoe’s room. Zoe has an easel with paints in her room (I know, I know not very clever) and Ava somehow got hold of a container with blue paint and got it all over herself and the floor (thank goodness for wooden floors and the main reason why she’s allowed an easel with paints in her room). I then needed to try and get some medicine into Ava as she has a snotty nose. Got that spat all over me, so she was blue, I was red and I wasn’t a very happy bunny. Got everything cleaned up and everyone bathed and into bed and then my dad arrived to fetch me (for the dinner) and drop off Ida (my parents live-in domestic) to babysit. A few glasses of wine later and I felt much better. Ahhh, so soccer today and Saturday and then Chris is back on Sunday, YAY am missing him lots.


2 Responses to “Sooo excited”

  1. evemeyer Says:

    Enjoy the experience!!

  2. darylfaure Says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time, and Chris will be back before you know it. Doug is going away for 5 months in 2 weeks time. I am terrified, but I guess I will just have to cope. Hope you had a ball at the soccer.

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