Well, what an unbelievable experience the match was. Could not believe how many English supporters there were, think the paper said over 20 000 but it felt like almost the entire stadium of just under 40 000. The weather held and as we walked towards the stadium there was the most incredible carnival atmosphere with everyone singing and blowing vuvuzela’s,etc. We had pretty good seats and the game really lived up to my expectations. It felt so surreal to be actually watching a team like England and although I won’t try and pretend I know all of their players, I do know a fair number and to see them in real life playing in a stadium that my dad was involved with building was very special. The stadium was awesome and we were sitting on the lake side, so got a great view of the lake as we walked to our seats. There were no queues for the loo and everything ran like clockwork, getting in and then getting home. It really doesn’t feel like one is actually in Africa and the public transport is working so well. We drove there but quite a few of our friends went with the bus and they got home at the same time we did.

The girls were fine (of course) except that Ava is a bit sick and was very tired as she had only had just over an hour’s nap during the day, so Joyce bathed them and Ava was asleep by the time I got home at 6.30pm. In one way I was relieved as it meant I didn’t still have to deal with bathing and getting both of them to bed when I got home. Zoe and I had a lovely time together until she went to bed at 7pm. Zoe kept going on about the deep bath they’d had and was very excited about it. Now bear in mind that we have very strict water restrictions and are only allowed to use 500 litres of water per day, no using your hose, etc. Joyce hadn’t let the bath out after getting the girls out and I nearly fell over when I went to the bathroom once Zoe went to bed. The water must have been up to about Ava’s neck, I am not exagerating. No wonder Zoe was so excited, she hasn’t seen so much water in a bath in her life. Forgot to ask Joyce why it was so deep.

As I mentioned Ava is sick and she decided to wake up at 11pm, just as I’d finished reading the thriller I had been busy with, don’t you just love it when that happens. I tried to get her back to sleep but at about 12 she was awake again and she was so blocked up and then kept yelling as soon as I tried to put her down in her cot. She couldn’t really suck her thumb as then she couldn’t breathe, poor little thing and obviously she prefered to be cuddled up to me as opposed to alone in her cot. She absoultely hates Iliadin but I did eventually give her some and after initially screaming (while I was giving it to her) she did then go back to sleep. Pity I’d waited so long to do that as by then it was after 1am. I’m really not used to lack of sleep anymore so today was a very long day. A friend and her 2 children came over for a playdate this morning and then this afternoon we had a walk and lovely play on the beach. It was the most beautiful day here today, not a breath of wind and unseasonably warm (mid-twenties). Zoe and Ava (and the dogs of course) had a ball playing in the water. Maybe not so clever to let my 2 snotty kids play in the water but according to their doctor dad – getting cold doesn’t make you sick and they really didn’t get cold as it was still very warm when we got home and Ava had a dry, fleece top on for the 5 minute walk home in the pram. There are still loads of English soccer fans out and about today and they just couldn’t get over how great PE is!!! Perhaps their judgement was a bit clouded by the fact that England did actually win the game. My folks live close to the Boardwalk (where the Casino and lots of restaurants are near the beachfront) and my mom told me how she was woken at about 3am this morning with all the English celebrations.

Have I mentioned how long this week is feeling. I really shouldn’t complain but today is the first evening my folks have come and had supper with us and then helped with bath-time,etc. and it made such a difference. I know Joyce did it last night, but I am still counting the sleeps till Chris gets back. My mom has been sleeping here at night but she obviously wants to see my dad as well, so usually only comes down later once the kids are asleep. Joyce stayed last night, but she sleeps in the flat outside, murphy’s law on the one night that Ava misbehaves. We are off on holiday with good friends of ours from Cape Town next Saturday and I’m not really looking forward to all the planning and preparation that I must do next week. Chris isn’t very helpful when it comes to that sort of thing but I hope he plans to make up for his little holiday this week and lack of organisational skills (yes, I do realise that someone has to work and pay for the holiday) by doing lots of entertaining on holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for the holiday and to spend time with our friends but staying self-catering and the fact that we have children does mean that one has to put quite a bit of thought and effort into going away.

Walking to the stadium

This wasn't when it happened but England's goal was scored at our end which was brilliant.


2 Responses to “Wow”

  1. myjamjar Says:

    OH WOW!!!! what a experience!!!! Glad you enjoyed it! looks FAB!

  2. darylfaure Says:

    What a lucky lady you are to have had such an awesome experience! Sorry to hear Ava is a bit under the weather. Dylan also screams blue murder when I have to put Iliadin in his nose, but it really works so I put up with the 2 minutes of screaming for the peace it brings afterwards.

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