Another spectacular day here today – 25 degrees again and my kids just love being outside, so this weather is suiting me just fine. Just hope it’s like this while we’re on holiday in Buffalo Bay. We’ve always had brilliant weather when we’ve gone this time of the year before, so really hoping we’ll be lucky again. This is the first time we’re going with children, not quite the same sitting inside a holiday house snuggled up reading by the fireplace because it’s cold and rainy outside vs trying to entertain 4 small children in a holiday house by the sea because it’s raining outside! Guess I need to add toys to my long list of stuff to take along and pack in the trailer.

Took Zoe and Ava to the Boardwalk this afternoon to go on a few of the rides they have there- not all are appropriate for young kids but there are a few and Zoe absolutely loves going there. Zoe went on the carousel twice, once on a horse and once in this round thing that you could turn a wheel to get it to spin around. Oh goodness me, I went with her and felt rather ill, she shrieked with delight. My sister-in-law went with Lara last week and she’s about 8 weeks pregnant and feeling rather ropey – needless to say, she had to get off. Zoe also flew in an aeroplane (another ride). She is besotted with aeroplanes, cars, motorbikes,etc. and was very keen to go again and again and again. I did tell her that her dad can take her again on Sunday. Sure he can’t wait for some quality time (just what the doctor ordered after a long haul fliight on Turkish Airlines!!) with his 2 gorgeous daughters and I’m looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet for an hour or so. His receptionist phoned me today to tell me he must prepare for a busy day on Monday – starting at 7am with Journal Club – boo hoo, not what I was hoping to hear.

One thing that I often wonder about. Why do some parents feel a need to brag about their children? This always puzzles me as I find it far more amusing helpful for my sanity to commiserate with other moms on what my kids are NOT doing correctly. My cousin always maintains that a lot of people lie about how good their children are. Why on earth would you do that? Who wants to hear about someone’s kid that does everything right? Certainly not me, I want to hear that your child is worse than mine, so that I feel a bit better. Chris always got so frustrated with me when the girls were tiny babies and I would continuously tell him about so and so’s baby that did this that and the other while mine didn’t. He’d then invariably meet the mom at some stage, only to find out that while they did do one particular thing correctly, they were a nightmare in another department (a fact I always failed to tell him). I’ve heard people say their child is sitting/talking/walking or whatever and then you see the child and they’re clearly not. I will admit that when Zoe was little she would not utter a single word in public and then the whole way home in the car, she’d jabber on non-stop, so maybe that can explain the lack of speaking. She has only recently started to come out of her very thick shell at school and eventhough she has started to speak more, she still spends most of the day hanging around the teacher. I love her to bits but she is a very different child at home (or once she’s relaxed) vs at other peoples’ homes or school or where ever. She is starting to change and while it does frustrate me, I mustn’t let it get to me as she needs me to help her build up her confidence, not break it down. Don’t get me wrong, she loves school and keeps asking me when it is starting again, has never shed a single tear at school,etc. but she is slightly odd (my mom and husband will be very upset with me for saying that). That gets me to another thing that’s been puzzling me. At one stage I thought that having both kids at home with me with not too many of our usual extra-curriclar activities (school 3 mornings a week, swimming twice a week, Ava’s toddler workshop class,etc.) would make the 5 week holiday feel quite long. So far it is flying by and I know I’ve been moaning a bit but I have to say we’ve been having loads of fun, helped of course by the generally great weather. Zoe’s school is actually running a holiday club for the first time and I’m amazed by the number of children whose mom’s stay at home (to look after them???) that are sending their kids to holiday club. Now I know it is only play school, so school is basically a glorified playdate but still. Is it so hard to organise your own playdates and entertainment? Is it not good for a child to learn to play a bit on their own and entertain themself. Zoe actually has a ball at home and comes up with all sorts of games and is always busy making something. I try and have at least 3 or 4 playdates a week and she loves baking, going for walks or bike rides,playing on the beach and even shopping or doing whatever chores I need to do. There’s actually quite a few places that I’ve been meaning to visit with them, that we just haven’t got around to doing and next week is our last week at home before we go away. They are small for such a short time and in a few years I’m sure they won’t want anything to do with me, so I really am savouring this special time we have to do stuff together.


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