Safely back home

Chris arrived back at about lunch time yesterday and it’s really nice to have him home. He seemed to have a great time and to have bought most of Turkey’s supply of Turkish Delight!! All different kinds but most of it with nuts and not too sweet as a lot of it is made with honey. He also bought Zoe some adorable “slippers” – they’re little shoes actually but are made of slipper material but then have embroidery and a pink pom-pom on them. The girls got one of those Babushka dolls (the ones where 10 all fit inside each other, each on a bit smaller than the last). He really had to hunt for it as he said that unfortunately most of the toys were just the usual “made in China” junk that one finds evrywhere. He also said that there wasn’t much for girls probably because it is such a predominantly Muslim country. He also got a carpet, some cushion covers, and I got a pashmina and he got a fake Mont Blanc pen. Oh and some Saffron, a whole variety of different teas (with a set of the small glasses they drink their tea out of) and an “African safari T shirt” for Ava – bought at O Tambo International airport! I suppose she’s none the wiser but I’m sure it’s a boys T shirt anyway. Will have to take some photos to show you. They seemed to manage quite a lot of sightseeing and Chris said he was amazed at how European Istanbul was – not 3rd World at all. He and Tim did go for a shave which sounded like a pretty unique experience. Due to a bit of a language barrier, they landed up having a shave, facial, back and shoulder massage, hair and face wash. They waxed their ears, did all sorts of exfoliating treatment and Chris said that they aren’t afraid of close physical contact as they were fairly rough and just grabbed you and did whatever they needed to do. Apparently at the Turkish baths one can lie there and get someone (male presumably) to wash you from head to toe. Rather creepy I’d say and fortunately they gave that one a skip.

Rather disappointed by England’s poor result against Germany. I now have to find a new team to support. Chris is supporting Argentina but I really can’t stand Maradona (?spelling) or the South Americans in general. I do however hope that Brazil wins their next game as then we will see them play in Friday’s match that we’ll be going to. They might play Holland if Holland wins their game, so then I’ll definitely support Holland I think. I can’t say I was ever that keen on the Dutch but I presume Chris has some Dutch ancestry being a Van der Walt and if one looks at it that way, I am after all a Van der walt now as well.

Have a very upset 3 year old that tells me her sister is “fighting” with her in the sandpit. Zoe tries to build things and Ava just grabs things and bashes it all down, odd behaviour for a 1 year old don’t you think?!. She (Zoe) has already had about an hour’s horse-riding lesson this morning but she now wants me to come and play with them (so I can control Ava I think). She had a joint lesson with another little girl and they played hide-and-seek and had trotting races so had an absolute ball and she was not keen to get off the horse at all. Oh well, Mommy duty calls.


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